Not the sharpest screwdriver in the toolshed

Was feeling logy yesterday so took an additional 10mg of Adderall at around 2PM on top of my normal early-morning 20mg. Yep, that was an exceptionally ill-advised thing to do. Proceeded to stay up until 5AM in an enforced state of fervid wakefulness. But at least it was a productive insomnia. Got much work done including an overdue update on my Children’s Market Listing. But then, after I fell asleep, a small, fuzzy beastie woke me at 7:30 demanding breakfast.

So yeah, I’m not taking any Adderall today, and I expect there will be a hard crash later this afternoon.


Writing Stuff

I committed a major writerly blunder yesterday–possibly due to the Adderall-induced wired brainstate I was in. I accidentally submitted a story to a market that had previously rejected it. Doh!

I do keep meticulous records, and this is the first (and I hope last) time I’ve ever done this. It was a question of not scrolling quite high enough on my spreadsheet before deciding on the next market. Fortunately, I caught the error before the editor did, and it was an electronic submission, so once I realized my boo-boo, I fired off a contrite “oops, sorrysorry, please ignore my submission” email and have since received editorial confirmation. But I still feel quite the dimmy.

New Words:
– 600 on freelance work. Finished up my current gig pending a final editing pass.

– Invite from Jason Sizemore to be a guest blogger on Apex Digest‘s “A Writer’s Vanity” Wednesday the 17th. Don’t know what to blog about yet, and I’ll be following in the footsteps of wicked_wish who’s doing a guest stint this Wednesday–ye verily a daunting act to follow. Ponder ponder ponder.
– 84-day pass from On Spec. Damn you Canadians with your beady eyes and flapping heads! *ducks and runs from wistling and canadiansuzanne*
– Sneak peek of the artwork done by Aaron Siddall for “A Patch of Jewels in the Sky” forthcoming in June’s Dragonfly Spirit:

Isn’t it shiny? This is another one for my library office wall.

Club 100 For Writers


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16 Responses to Not the sharpest screwdriver in the toolshed

  1. sartorias says:

    What a cool illo!

  2. cmpriest says:

    Oh yeah – thanks for reminding me 🙂
    I don’t know what I’m gonna blog about either …

  3. What sort of submission spreadsheet do you use? I’ve never been able to keep organized records, myself… but I don’t submit nearly as much as you do. :>

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I use my own, elaborately coded, Excel spreadsheet system. Many hours of cat waxing have gone into developing it, but all of the submission tracking software I’ve seen didn’t fulfill the fundamental (and admittedly exacting) requirements I had, so I went DIY.

  4. pabba says:

    Cool illustration. Is that a naga princess?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Actually, it’s Nu Wa (also spelled Nü gua, Nü kua, and Nu Kwa), the Chinese Goddess who created humankind–although it’s true her identity often overlaps with that of the naga.

  5. Fabulous artwork! I LOVE it! 😀

  6. amokk says:

    Very cool illustration. 🙂

  7. basletum says:

    Oooooh! Dragon!

    Me likey!

  8. lisamantchev says:


    At least you caught the error… I did the same thing just the other day (what IS it with this week?) and had to be informed by the editor that he’d already considered it. *burning cheeks*

    And that is some truly spiff artwork.

  9. blzblack says:

    Ditto on the neato artwork!

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