Nuzzer break between words – buy a magazine?

Major headache, popped some Extra Strength Excedrin and slamming mugs of Empress of China tea, so if the analgesics don’t get it, the caffeine will.

Got a note from one of the people in my writer’s group. It’s unsubstantiated rumor currently, but the source is dependable. He knows Warren Lapine (well, so do I, but I think he knows him better).

From his email:

“DNA Publications. Rumor has it they’ve been sending around flyers saying that they’re having financial trouble, and if they don’t get enough new subscribers, they’re going to have to cut two of their magazines.

“This, as far as I’m concerned, would be *disastrous* to the semi-pro publishing field. DNA has done spectacular things, and I’m betting that if they cut two magazines, it’d be Mythic Delirium–the only SF poetry magazine in existence these days–and Fantastic Stories”

AGH! DNA publications is the bastion of solid up-and-coming genre publishing. For people who don’t know them, their stable of magazines includes:
Weird Tales, Dreams of Decadence, Absolute Magnitude, Fantastic Stories, Science Fiction Chronicle, and Mythic Delirium. They also recently purchased Whole Cat, a non-genre, holistic cat fancier publication.

Buy magazines, people! Support genre publishing. Ack.

The state of the publishing industry = depressing.

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