On the sleeping and writing habits of . . . me

I tipped over extremely early last night. Woke up before my alarm, but that still clocked me as getting nearly ten hours of sleep. This is ridiculous. I think my meds are going wonky on me again. I really should not need that much sleep, dammit.

And I still had to have two cups of java to get me going.

Maybe I’m doing a winter hibernation thing. Well, it would make some sense. Hobkin is definitely in eat-sleep-eat-sleep mode. And he’s got the chub to prove it. Unfortunately, so do I.

Perpetual New Year’s resolution: lose 10 lbs.

Writing stats:

Deleted 900 words on the Urban Fantasy in a fit of inspiration and pique. Replaced them with 1300 new and hopefully better ones.

Received the contracts from both Song of the Siren and Another Showcase. Now the big question, will I also receive the payment for both of those stories before the end of the year? If I do, I believe I’ll break even, financially speaking, on my writing this year. If I don’t, I’m in the red. But either way, I’ll be well into the black next year.

All the big paying markets seem to only pay on publication. Sigh.

After some preliminary figuring (preliminary because there’s still two and a half more weeks left of this year), it would seem that my postage costs for this year are coming in at around $170. That’s less than what it was last year, despite having more stories in circulation. I suspect I’m seeing a slight dip in expenses because I’ve been trying to seek out more markets that accept esubs as well as trying to minimize the number of overseas subs I’ve been sending via post. It also didn’t hurt that I sold four stories on their first trip to market this year, minimizing my postage output on those. Gotta love that.

Received a couple rejections: a 20-day form (I think it’s a form, I’ve never subbed to them before) from Pedestal and a 62-day “no, but send more” from Challenging Destiny. When I saw the Canadian postage on my SASE in the mailbox from CD, I got all excited and anxious, wondering if this was finally going to be On Spec either buying or turning down the story they’ve had since March. But it wasn’t. Pook.

That makes four rejections for December. And the RM leader is still, I believe, at fifteen.

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  1. gannet says:

    Definitely winter for me…

    I wake up in the morning, and think, “It’s cold outside the covers. Why should I get up?”

    and don’t.


    Good luck on the letters front! In the positive sense, that is, not the contest winner sense.

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