One cup of coffee later – Dragon*Con 2002

I was thinking about doing a day-by-day review of D*C ’02, but that would be way too long, so opted for extended highlights instead:

– (*)Jefferson Starship. Matthew’s the huge huge fan, although I like them too. He was bummed that Paul Kantner wasn’t there, though. The band missed the other stuff they were scheduled for–autograph signings, a retrospective panel. Part of that was Dragon*Con’s fault, part of it was them not wanting to do it. They were also supposed to do a press Q&A before the concert, but they didn’t. However, because we was hanging around backstage, waiting for the Q&A, I got snagged by Fingerman to go on stage to dance with the band. (Major kisses and hugs go to Fingerman! He’s an ubber sweetie.) Okay, by the time the concert was over, there were gobs of people lining up backstage to go on with the band, so when all was said and done, there was probably over a hundred+ people who got to go on stage, but I got dragged (willingly) back two more times after my first set. Woo! And Matthew filmed it!
– (*)The Cruxshadows. We were bummed that the Cruxshadows and Jefferson Starship got booked for the same night. Even though the Cruxshadows weren’t supposed to go on until after JS had finished, everything was late, so we thought we’d end up missing them. But they were still playing when we showed up! Apparently the events in the Regency were late too. I think we managed to catch over half their set, including “Deception,” “Annabelle Lee,” and of course their three encores “Marilyn My Bitterness,” “Monsters,” and “Heaven’s Gaze.” Rawk!

Ann Crispin and the Workshop:
– The Daily Dragon shares a base of operations with Guest Operations, so I saw a string of celebrities come by while I was working. Ann showed up on Thursday afternoon and after she got situated with Guest Op, she wanted me to come back to her room so she could give me the reviews for “Running On Two Legs” from Victoria Strauss and Kathleen O’Malley. She praised my story again, and that plus reading what they had to say had me floating.
– Good to see some of my DC2K writer’s group folks again, as well as meet some new faces.

The Panels I attended:
– (*)Robin Sachs (twice)
– (*)Armin Shimerman
– The B5 crew (Peter Jurasik, Richard Biggs, Andreas Katsulas, Tracy Scoggins, Jason Carter, Andrea Thompson, and Julie Caitlin Brown)

The Contests I went to:
– (*)The Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant
– (*)The Dawn Look-Alike contest
– The Masquerade.

The Splurge – A DVD of the uncut Buffy musical episode “Once More With Feeling.” They booth we bought it from had it playing in the background. The quality was superb, much better than the VHS we made of it.
The Impulse Return of Dawn graphic novel.
The Planned OneWishfire the Cruxshadows new CD.

And this was the short version. Gleep.

* = Read the Daily Dragon article online

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4 Responses to One cup of coffee later – Dragon*Con 2002

  1. inscrutable says:

    Poopy! Reading through other people’s accounts of D*C, I discovered Jhonen Vasquez was there. Damn. That’s almost enough reason right there to make me want to go.

    Ah well. I should really head down next year.

    Glad ya had fun, even if it involved crappy 80’s music. 😛

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Glad ya had fun, even if it involved crappy 80’s music.

      Well they played “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit” as well as other 60’s/70’s era songs, so it was mostly non-crappy, non-80’s music, as it turns out.

  2. mouseferatu says:

    “- (*)The Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant”

    You know, I was going to express my confidence that you’d win any beauty pageant you entered–but somehow, I’m not sure that would be a compliment in this case. 😉

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