Overtime meep.

The Georgia General Assembly reconvened yesterday. And yes indeedy, the workload ramped up. My hours so far this week:

Sunday – 11:45AM to 6PM
Monday – 8:30AM to 10PM
Tuesday – Came in early to finish up the bill I was editing until 10 last night so: 7:00AM to ?

Matthew came and drove me home from work last night. While I’m sure I would’ve been fine on MARTA, I just wanted to get home as soon as possible so I could get to sleep, and the fastest way (without the rush hour traffic and all) was sans train. But we had a bit of confusion with the meet-up. He got to the capitol okay, but then while I was wandering around the first floor at the security entrance, my co-workers had let him in and they were wandering with him in our office on the third floor/mezzanine, looking for me. Whoops! But with the aid of a helpful, late-night security guy, we managed to hook up. Finally.

Think today’ll be a 30mg Adderall day. This is muchly reminiscent of Dragon*Con and editing the Daily Dragon while suffering from insufficient sleep and weird food. I can do this . . . for two and a half more months.

If you’re waiting on something for me, expect to wait a little longer.


Writing Stuff

– “The Snow Woman’s Daughter” in the Feb. ’07 issue of Cricket. And it’s the opening story! Woot! I had just enough time before falling comatose last night to beam delightedly at the illustrations. Shiny.

– After a mail snafu, payment, at last, from Her Circle eZine for “Second Daughter.” For some reason, the first time the editor tried mailing me payment, the USPS couldn’t find my house and sent the letter (w/check) back undeliverable. WTF? So I asked her to mail it to me at my work address this time, and it arrived yesterday.
– 88-day personal pass with invite to submit again to The Edge of Propinquity.

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4 Responses to Overtime meep.

  1. Tuesday – Came in early to finish up the bill I was editing until 10 last night so: 7:00AM to ?

    I hope you make time to schedule in the occasional sleep or your bills might have twelve pages of the letter “k” from falling asleep on the keyboard!

    I subscribed to Cricket through my son’s magazine campaign, but they haven’t started arriving, yet. Here’s hoping the first issue I receive has your story in it. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the Cricket opening story! Whoo Hoo! Has your agent ever tried sending your novel manuscript to their book publisher? I would think it would be such a great fit. 😀

  3. Congrats on the Cricket opening story! You rock!

  4. Big congrats on the Cricket grabber. Take care of yourself through all this madness!

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