Comcast’s unreliability is really ticking me off. Our cable modem, which we pay a criminally high monthly fee for, is running at the ever-so-impressive speed of dial-up. Time to get out the tar and feathers!

In my never-ending search for whimsy, I came across a product that made me pause and blink. It’s Pawlish, nail polish for pets. Yep, you can paint your pet’s nails red, purple, and blue. The website declares that “Mom can use Pawlish too! Fido will love having the same color nails!”

At first, I thought: “This is incontrovertible proof that the devil walks among us.” And then I scrolled down the page and found a testimonial from a pet owner, and not just any pet, but a skunk owner. And there were pictures of the skunk (let me emphasize these are not pictures of Hobkin) wearing Pawlish. To my growing horror, I found myself going “Awww! Doesn’t she look precious with her nails all blue?” and speculating whether they had any plans for a goth color line. That’s when I realized that the devil is sneaky and sly with his seductive guile and temptation.

Fortunately, Hobkin would never stand for the indignity of having his nails done. If I so much as came near him with a bottle of Pawlish, there would be blood. Alas, just when I thought my immortal soul was saved, I remembered what we did to him three years ago. Yup, going to hell in a handbasket.

Warning: There is some nudity on the voting pages. Not safe for work or kiddies!


Writing Stuff

Received my replacement check from 9 (after a Greek bank strike caused the original to get returned) for their translation of “The Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile.” Grumph. They didn’t include the fee my bank tacked on for a returned check to their payment. Leaves me a having to eat it. Feh. But at least I got paid. And I’ll forgive them if they buy more of my stories . . .

New Words: 600ish on “The Better To . . .”
Bridging scene written, and I’m at zero draft. Huzzah! It clocks in at around 7.2K. In my relief to have it done done done, I immediately foisted it upon fosteronfilm to first reader. He, being the supportive hubby that he is, read and critiqued it while I was sleeping and I woke up to a page and a half of suggestions that I need to ponder. Urg. But in a good way. So yeah, I think it’s likely that I’ll get this up at Critters next week.

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21 Responses to Pawlish

  1. jimhines says:

    Aw… Now I’m sitting here looking at all of the Hobkin pictures when I should be working.

  2. The nail polish is kind of cute! None of my cats would stand for it though. :-p It isn’t as odd as Neuticles- fake testicles for neutered dogs. Why?!?

  3. cricketshay says:

    The purple was kind of pretty. *ducks* Thanks for the link to Hobkin’s site. He’s so cute. I loved the Christmas pictures. I don’t dare show the kids. They are already screaming ferret.

  4. dionycheaus says:

    it’s okay, I thought the blue-nail picture was the cutest, too. Hey, it’s OPI, they know how to make colors. As long as your hand did not actually reach for your credit card, your soul is still relatively stainless.

  5. dragonmyst says:

    oh gosh, Those santa pics…too cute…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hobkin was so miffed with us that day! We got the little Santa outfit at one of those Build-a-Bear workshops, where you can stuff your choice of one of their plush animals and then dress it from their mammoth wardrobe selection. Every time I pass the store, I’m drawn in by the adorable outfits, imagining how cute Hobkin would look in them. But so far, wiser heads have prevailed and I haven’t succumbed to temptation. Yet.

  6. Awww!

    I especially like the blue color with her fur, very pretty.

    Santa-Hobkin is the CUTEST SKUNK EVER. Dressing up pets is Evil, but that doesn’t stop me from finding it adorable, or doing it myself.

    • Eugie Foster says:


      Cats and skunks in little outfits–isn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse? Fortunately, Hobkin is a stalwart champion against the forces of darkness. We subject him to clothes at mortal peril.

  7. alijt says:

    With guilt, I admit to actaully thinking about this, but my skunks would rather die than sit still for ANYTHING to be done to their nails, much less something girly like polish. I torture them enough with silly costumes…he heeeee

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hee! Hobkin will barely tolerate me clipping his nails. Just the thought of trying to hold him still while I paint them makes my arms ache with phantom skunk scratches and nips. This is, undoubtedly, just as well ’cause I also get the periodic wistful longing to dress him in silly costumes. He won’t stand for that either, the stinker.

  8. puskunk says:

    And you know, as many skunk owners as I know, I think I know Sophie’s owner.

  9. dream_wind says:

    (taking a break from the essay…)

    I think the skunk with the blue nails was drugged. It’s the only way I can think of that the owner could have done such a perfect manicure. And the skunk looked rather spaced out too. I have been owned by 2 cats, and neither of them would have put up with having their nails painted.

    And Hobkin was cute in his santa suit. And remember, he doesn’t have an entire designer wardrobe like so many socialites’ dogs do. $US450 for a doggie dress?? THAT is going to hell in a handbasket

    • Eugie Foster says:

      According to the testimonial on the Pawlish website, the skunk owner takes her in for regular “pet-i-cures” (*twitch*) which would leave the chore to groomers. ‘Course if we brought Hobkin to a groomer, he’d probably try to take a strip out of . . . someone. He’s not too fond of being brushed either.

      It amazes me how someone as cute as Hobkin can be such a temperamental brat. But he’s my temperamental brat, and he’s got me wrapped around his little paw. Yup.

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