Permanent Account Envy

I keep reading about all you people on my FList getting a Permanent Account! Stop it! Stop it!

I want one.

I hate being financially challenged. I need a rich patron to shower me with presents . . . and a permanent LJ account.

Fooie. Material covetousness is evil. Evil! But I waaaaant it. *weeps*

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14 Responses to Permanent Account Envy

  1. Nope, still can’t justify it. Tried. Couldn’t do it. Maybe next time 🙂

  2. amokk says:

    Honey, we put it on an already high credit card that has 7% interest. Don’t envy our stupidity. We just… couldn’t help it. We’d always have paid accounts, and it’ll pay off in a few years anyway. Plus with the icon limit going up (and paid being able to, but having to pay for it) to 100, it’ll pay off sooner.

    It’s why I said credit is evil. If we didn’t have that, we would not have gotten it, because we can’t afford to drop $300 on such a silly thing. But we’re Americans, so we have credit, so we buy silly things and pay much more than we would have for it just by interest.

    This is why I prefer to pay cash for things, it keeps me from being stupid. 😉

  3. dean13 says:

    Has your whining produced any donations?

    It works for the political parties and charities, why not bloggers!

  4. mabfan says:

    I wish I could help…

    But I agree with you that it can be disheartening to see a lot of people on one’s F-list announce that they’ve bought a permanent account.

  5. cricketshay says:

    I know. I want one too, but I don’t have the extra bucks right now. Maybe they’ll offer it again next year.

  6. grommie says:

    Don’t weep.

    Post some adorable Hobkin pictures. Don’t forget – almost anyone can have a permanent LJ account (as long as they have the money and the desire to spend it). Not everyone can have an adorable little skunkie named Hobkin.

  7. wolflady26 says:

    I’m in the same boat. My nose is starting to get flat!

  8. keesa_renee says:

    Never having had a paid account, I don’t know what I’m missing. But I know how you feel, nonetheless; there are oodles of other things that I’d love to have, and can’t.


  9. OMG, I was just thinking whether I should do free account once my paid account is they’re doing this “permanent memberships”? I’m sorry to say this is all a big gimmick and a waste of money. Why they’re doing this ONLY within 24 hours!!? Beats me. I used to have a permanent membership in a spa and once they change ownership, they left me in a big hole. I’m not sure this is forever. And who can LJ here forever? I’m not….

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