Phantom pain, I, Robot

Dreamed I cut my knee on broken glass, and when I woke up, I could still feel the pain from it. Brains are funky things.

Matthew and I saw I, Robot yesterday. (What follows should be spoilerless.) I liked the end credit to Asimov: “Suggested by Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot.” Suggested seems so much more fitting than “based upon.”

Aside from the terribly predictable storyline, indicative of not-very-inspired screenplay writers, I liked it. Yes, Will Smith’s acting appears to be quite limited in that he seems to always plays the exact same character–smart-ass, physical dumb guy. But my, he’s become quite buff. I assume it was for the Ali film he did, but he’s gotten a really impressive physique–a fact not lost on either him or the filmmakers. The gratuitous shirt off shots and the shower scene were an obvious attempt to increase the titillation factor. Of course, I like being titillated, and I quite enjoyed ogling Smith’s attractive, naked butt, but it was still gratuitous. I’m also tired of seeing intellectuals being panned in favor of the stupid, but that’s been going on forever. It made it hard for me to like Smith’s character, but all the EFX made it easy to get lost in all the CGI violence. Full of flash and zing. Nice, escapist fare. Fun. Not deep or meaningful, but fun.

Writing Stuff:

On faerie_writer‘s suggestion, I broke out my children’s picture book publishers guidelines and compiled a submission packet for “Second Daughter.” Sending it out tomorrow. Why can’t we have postal service on Sunday? *whine*

No new words. Need to adhere rear end to chair.

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  1. Yay! Good for you, Eugie!

    ~Maggie 😀

  2. aldeygirl says:

    “Second Daughter”

    Way to go Eugie! Looking forward to seeing and purchasing it in print.

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