Pill oopsie

Did something incredibly careless the other day. I’ve got several prescription meds I take daily to keep all of my physiological aggravations under a semblance of control. Normally I take them religiously with my breakfast in two gulps. I downed the first set, reached for the second, and noticed that I was one pill less than I thought I ought to be. I figured I’d grabbed an extra pill in the first swallow, no biggie.

Low grade fever, aches, minor joint pain, and fatigue ensued, classic signs of one of my Lupus/MCTD flare-ups. I didn’t think anything of it as I’ve been logy for a while, and my meds have been doing an excellent job of keeping me on an even keel. I thought I was just tired. Then I discovered the pill I thought I hadn’t taken, but assumed I had, had rolled underneath my keyboard. I must have knocked it with my hand and not noticed. It was my Imuran pill, the one I take in concert with Prednisone to keep my stupid immune system from attacking me. Except I’m being weaned off the Pred, taking only a single, measly milligram a day, not enough to hold the fort without the Imuran riding shotgun. Ergo, the beginning of a flare-up.

Of course I immediately resumed my regular scheduled Imuran doses and I think my system is rallying. But I’m a little dismayed to discover how fragile my health equilibrium is that a single missed dose could throw me off.

AND, we got eight more boxes of promo stuff from Fed Ex–posters and postcards! ARGH!! Will the stream of boxes never end?

Writing Stuff:

My review of Sci-Fiction story, “Bulldozer” by Laird Barron is up at Tangent.

Heard via the Rumor Mill that there are other writers in the waiting-for-a-response-from-LCRW boat, so I’m glad I didn’t query yet. Waiting is.

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6 Responses to Pill oopsie

  1. fahkingnut says:


    You can’t play with Imuran. I had a bout with it for only 6 months, but I had to take those suckers like clockwork or else. Bad thing was that the Imuran was my only break during a 6 year stretch of being on Prednisone. It was being on doses in the 60-40MG range constantly that started putting all of this weight on me. I hate prednisone with a passion.

    From one pill magnet to another, be careful sweetie. I’ve screwed up and put my Ambien in with my morning meds. Talk about fighting to stay awake!

    Love & Hugs,

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks, sweetie! I know I’ll be more careful about what pills I’ve gulped and what ones are still awaiting my attention in the future! Man, I thought I had it down to an easy ritual. Guess I should never get complacent about taking them. Dang.

  2. How unsettling that must be! 🙁

    • Eugie Foster says:

      And how! I dislike having to take daily meds indefinitely, but the alternative is much worse. ‘Course, as I’ve just learned, the trick is to indeed take them daily.

  3. mtfay says:

    The box monster

    The box monster has your name now. He will never stop sending stuff, because you don’t charge him to put his posters on display:)…

    Okay, I’ll also be sending a box. With tasty yummy coffee. Matt seemed to like the idea:O)

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