Poll results and SFWA public service announcement: Fraudulant writing contest

Thanks to everyone who responded to my “What Generation are You?” poll. As I figured, most folks who read my LJ appear to be Gen Xers (83 responses) with only a few Boomers (4), but I was interested to see that there were more Jonesers (32) than Millenials (17). Inteerezzting.

Now for something completely different, a public service announcement from the SFWA:

A bogus contest has been advertised on craigslist and elsewhere which is supposedly being run by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. SFWA has nothing to do with it, and it has all the earmarks of fraud.

In response to a cease and desist letter, this person has apologized and says that the posts will be removed from craigslist but he/she doesn’t know how to remove them from flixer. He/she claims that he will never do it again. SFWA and Writer Beware are monitoring the situation.

SFWA never runs writing contests of this sort, and is not associated with this contest in any way. If you find any other instances of this solicitation, please contact Michael Capobianco, the President of SFWA (email address can be found at the link above).

See the press release from the SFWA for more information, and also, Victoria Strauss has blogged about this contest on the Writers Beware blog.

While most of the places advertising this have taken down the ad, it’s likely that there are still many writers who haven’t gotten the news and, attracted by the promise of big money prizes and the prospect of publication in a prestigious anthology, may be intending to submit. Please spread the word so that folks don’t get taken by this scam.


Writing Stuff

• Galleys of “A Nose for Magic” from the Pagan Anthology of Short Fiction and “The Life and Times of Penguin” from the Triangulation: Taking Flight anthology.
• Payment from Cricket for “The Raven’s Brocade” in their December issue and from Drabblecast for “The Wiggly People.”

New Words:
• 1150 on the SF WiP.

Club 100 for Writers: 6

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2 Responses to Poll results and SFWA public service announcement: Fraudulant writing contest

  1. dean13 says:

    Wow, yet another scam for aspiring writers. Sounds similar to the poetry contest scam.

  2. How did the Joneser group get named? I always thought I was a boomer, but I think I landed in the Joneser category (dottering old crone that I am).

    Good going on the writing progress and pubs. I’m working on more writing consistency these days, too, up to 26 days today. 😀

    Still no more pubs, sigh. 🙁

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