Post-Halloween recovery

Had a delightful, if low-key, Halloween. fosteronfilm, dude_the, and I stayed in, watched appropriately ghoulish movies, and handed out candy to the kiddies. The line-up included Trancers, Hellboy, and Beetlejuice. The boys watched more than that, but I conked out pretty early and slept through the other selections. I was so very tired yesterday. I think the Adderall is losing its effectiveness with me again. Got a follow-up with my p-doc next week to discuss options. ‘Course, now I’m wide awake and everyone else, including Hobkin who is cuddled up at my side, is asleep.

In other news, I did not make the cut as one of the 12 Babes of Christmas, alas. But it was fun, an honor being nominated, blah blah blah. Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me. Y’all are the greatest.


Writing Stuff

Oops. I forgot to mention that over the weekend my tentative sale to Aberrant Dreams did indeed become a definite one. I sold them “The Son that Pain Made” on Saturday. It’s slated to be published in their January issue. Huzzah!

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  1. dream_wind says:

    My mother suffers from depression (that’s the Adderall isn’t it?) and she found out from a naturopath that Omega-3 is good for depression. The best source of Omega-3 is fish oil, which is out for you as a vegetarian. It’s also out for my mother as she’s allergic to shell fish, which is used in many “fish oil” tablets. However, she found out that linseeds (whole, not crushed) are almost as good for Omega-3.

    She hates taking anti-depressants, because of the “downer” effect when you get used to them or you stop taking them.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Actually, I take the Adderall (an amphetamine) to combat the fatigue I have on a day-to-day basis which I suspect is due to my Lupus/MCTD. I asked my p-doc for Provigil, but since it’s not on my HMO’s list of preferred meds, I have to try other things first or pay out of pocket. The Adderall seemed to work initially in giving me a boost of energy during the day, but it’s losing effectiveness at a surprisingly fast rate. It wasn’t a long-term solution for me regardless as I so don’t want to become dependent upon it. I’m also taking an anti-depressant, Prozac, and Imuran for my Lupus/MCTD which suppresses my immune system (among other things). Exhaustion and low energy levels seem par for Eugie’s state of being. Pook.

  2. lousy_timing says:

    Well, if the “more is best” voting base had anything to do with it, classy attractive women didn’t stand a chance this year. Did you SEE some of those link photos? On one set, the entrant only left a single sexual act to my imagination, and I had to wonder if that was because it was illegal to show it online or in her state or some such.

    The only time I truly feel catty is when I look at things of that nature. I just don’t understand what is attractive about overly-obvious superficiality.

    Nice to see you posting. Is Comcast behaving better for you now? Mine is again. I got an email from them about their “new, and improved high speed internet services.” My thought is that they were upgrading servers but didn’t bother to warn anyone that there might be issues while they were doing it- that being sensible and everything. 😉

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Eh. The Babes thing was all in good fun. I’m happy with the skin I’m in–although a better overall constitution would be nice–so I’m not devastated or anything at not being one of the chosen. It would have been an enjoyable excuse to get dolled up in Christmas finery for a photo shoot, but if I’m really gagging for a Christmas photo shoot, I can always do one for myself (and for ).

      Comcast behaving better for you now?

      Heh. You should’ve heard me yesterday. We lost connectivity for hours while I was in the middle of doing several Tangent edits. I was fit to be sedated. It’s back now (obviously) but it continues to fade in and out at inconvenient and random intervals. I’m hoping you’re right that they’re doing some sort of wide-reaching upgrade which is the reason for all our stability issues, because I would dearly like for the frustration to end before I tear all of my hair out.

      • lousy_timing says:

        Oh, I know about the Comcast thing. That was me a few months ago, remember? We’ve only had a few issues the past couple of weeks, and they’ve been minor in comparison to the dropouts of hours and days we had before. Hopefully, you’re just getting lines replaced and servers upgraded, too.

  3. aimeempayne says:

    You are racking up quite an impressive number of sales.

    Huzzah for Eugie!

  4. secretsteve says:

    Congrats on the sale!

    I seem unable to sell anything these days.

  5. A Hearty Huzzah!

    Congrats on the sale. May there be many, many more!

  6. dean13 says:

    Congratulations on making a sale!

    Thank you once again for all the hospitality on my visit. Hey, would you be willing to share your recipes for muffins, pot pies and alcoholic concoctions? What was the name and brand of the the store bought mix? Ever consider having a recipe section to your blog?

  7. cricketshay says:

    I didn’t make the cut either. 🙂

    Maybe we need to do a writing babes thing ourselves. 😛

  8. elvesforeyes says:

    Congrats on the sale!

    January couldn’t come any faster, right?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hurray for the sale.

    Hmmm. So skankitude wins out over actual looks? Well, phooey. Maybe scary chicks literally “scared” up a lot of friends for voting.

    Pat Kirby

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