Post-Halloween summary

dude_the and our good friend Patrick from New Orleans are here. I’m so happy to see both of them again!

Friday was excellent fun. britzkrieg joined us for a costumed post-Halloween get-together. Bummed that her SO couldn’t make it, but he’s suffering from crutch-necessitating pain and badness and bowed out. We didn’t watch any of the movies we had been going to, instead putting on Dracula 2000 and Queen of the Damned as background so we could all chat. And then I discover that britzkrieg really doesn’t like vampire flicks. Ooops. But at least they were only background. Lots of excellent conversation and britzkrieg had brought a fabulous selection of fermented hops-related beverages. We did eventually sit down to watch The Uninvited, so there was actual movie watching at our movie-viewing shindig.

Saturday we lounged around the house, getting up-to-date with dude_the and Patrick. And last night we played in one of Matthew’s traditional Halloween RPG games. There was death, there was mayhem, and there were goblins. And we beat the bad guys and solved the puzzle . . . after a painful injury and a nasty limb-rending incident. Rah!

The boys are still sleeping now. Late night gaming followed by later night gabbing, and I’m the only one who the morning calls to, so everyone else is zoned. But I assume people will start stirring soon. Patrick has to take off back for New Orleans in a few hours and I want to make sure he’s well fed and caffinated before he sets off on his long drive.

Hobkin’s been very well behaved for having all these new people invading his territory. We’ve also been dosing him with Rescue Remedy, so that might account for some of it. But he’s been very snuggly and fairly minimal with the amok skunk/stomping behavior.

So this gets my vote for a very good weekend. Zero writing accomplished, but masses of fun had.

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  1. britzkrieg says:

    And then I discover that britzkrieg really doesn’t like vampire flicks. Ooops.

    Oh no! I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. Honestly, vampires just don’t interest me much, and I don’t like bloody scenes. I guess that’s why I gravitate toward horror like The Blair Witch Project. And despite my MST3K-style comments and my Matt-teasing, I did enjoy watching The Uninvited. I’ll have to remember to recommend that flick to Jaime. (He’s a lot better now, BTW.)

    Thanks again for having me over!

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