The Princess and the Golden Fish in Cricket

Just heard from my Cricket editor that “The Princess and the Golden Fish” is now slated for publication in the January through April, 2011, issues as a four-part serial. I knew it was going to be serialized, but I didn’t realize they were doing it in four parts.

I’m tickled, both to have a publication date for this story and because four parts means it gets that much more artwork. Hurray!

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2 Responses to The Princess and the Golden Fish in Cricket

  1. Janice Clark says:

    Congratulations on getting it in print, and with lots of art work. That should mean you finally get paid, also. Ladybug has been sitting on one of my stories forever.

  2. Eugie Foster says:

    Thanks! I always love seeing my stories in any of the “bug” magazines. They always do a fabulous job.

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