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Saw Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! for the first time. And it was . . . wow. Fast cars, ultra violence, and go-go dancers.

I feel the same way I did after the first time I saw Pulp Fiction: surprised-unto-astonished that the quality of the writing, well the dialogue, exceeded my expectations, dazed at the blood-splattered brutality, and uncertain as to whether I liked it or not. It’s obvious that Quentin Tarantino was greatly inspired by Russ Meyer.

I was verily impressed by the shape of the actresses too. With the movie coming out in 1965 and the development of the silicone breast implant only in 1961, I’m assuming that the actresses were all au naturale. Perhaps I’m being overly cynical, but I’d sort of forgotten that women were capable of those sorts of dimensions without surgical enhancement. Meyer liked his actresses curvy, he did.

On a related pinup and anatomical curves topic, some Dragon*Con folks are putting together a calendar to benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer research foundation and have asked me to be one of the months. Of course I said “yes” (I’ll be August). Each month will have an appropriate D*C fandom theme such as goth, anime, etc.

I think pulp and camp were on my mind when the coordinator asked me to pick a theme for my month. I suggested doing a science fiction spacegirl a la the pulp ‘zines, which also appeals to me on a writerly front. She loved the idea, so yah, that’s what we’re going with.

Problem: I don’t have a spacegirl costume. I have . . . a ray gun.

Erm. I’ve never constructed an outfit from the accessory up before. Amber, the calendar coordinatrix, assures me there are seamstresses onboard who are willing to apply their skills to the effort, as long as it’s not too ornate. So I’ve been surfing around, trying to get costuming ideas.

Can anyone recommend a good science fiction pulp art gallery I can peruse?


Writing Stuff

– 217-day (after a query or two) “Excellent story . . . may we see another?” pass from Weird Tales. The supernatural element wasn’t strong enough, alas.
– 10-day “Nice . . . but didn’t hold” from JJA of F&SF.
– 27-day form nope from Coyote Wild. Might be time to trunk this one.

New Words/Editing:
– Several polish-and-tweak editing passes on the Japanese fantasy, and the fork is stuck in and quivering. I’ve launched that hamster out, out and away. Rah! Also, thanks to one critter’s suggestion, it’s also got a better title: “The Tears of My Mother, The Shell of My Father.” Well, I think it’s a better title, anyway . . .
– 100 words on “By Oak, Bramble, and Metro.” Hoping to make better progress on it after Halloween.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
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17 Responses to Pulp pulp pulp

  1. yukinooruoni says:

    Well, if it’s typical pulp fiction (scifi, not Tarantino’s version … ), it’ll likely be short and/or tight.

    Think Wilma Deering from Buck Rogers, or any of the females from Star Trek. Perhaps not quite Betazoid though *grin*

    Are you going to work in costume for Halloween?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Well, if it’s typical pulp fiction (scifi, not Tarantino’s version … ), it’ll likely be short and/or tight.

      Yah, I’ve got the basic concept. But I’m looking for something (non television-series-esque) to model the costume on. At this point, I’m thinking I’ll be going with the miniskirt/minidress design rather than the catsuit, as 1. catsuits are harder to make, 2. I like skirts better, and 3. I might actually find an occasion to re-wear a silver miniskirt, whereas I doubt I would a silver catsuit.

      Are you going to work in costume for Halloween?

      I’m planning to. I’m still waffling on what to go as. I’m thinking maybe a phooka of the bunny persuasion.

  2. fings says:

    Pulp gallery


    But really, does a pulp spacegirl need more than a ray gun and some strategic camera placement? 😉

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Pulp gallery

      Ooo, excellent site! Thanks for the linkie, sweetie.

      But really, does a pulp spacegirl need more than a ray gun and some strategic camera placement?

      Eep. This one does!

  3. matt_wallace says:

    You definitely wanna browse old Amazing/Astonishing/Astounding Stories from the 30’s. This is a good site: http://www.cyrune.com/pulp.html

    I’d also recommend classic Heavy Metal magazine. I’m sure they’re all on-line, but if you have the DVD of the animated movie from the 80’s or rent it, it’s got an AWESOME cover gallery included in the bonus features.

    And may I say, as an unabashed pulp fetishist, that this is one of the greatest ideas ever conceived. Ever.

  4. dr_pipe says:

    You should check out Beyond the Valley of the Dolls!

  5. madwriter says:

    I sent one query a couple of months ago to Weird Tales about a story I sent them in February…maybe it’s time for the “or two” part of the “query or two”. 🙂

  6. orig_ladycat says:

    I have to say thank you for doing the calendar. A colleague and friend of mine is currently going through chemotherapy after a double mastectomy in August. This is her second round with breast cancer. She is an incredible woman, so thanks to you and DC for this project.

    Also, love the space girl idea. Wish I had some ideas for a costume. At least you have the bod for it. Have fun with it.


    • Eugie Foster says:

      It’s my pleasure. But really, all the credit should go to the folks who came up with and are coordinating this project. I’m just happy to be able to contribute. *smooches*

  7. I recommend googling “space babe” images. There are some fabulous ones, including the design my friend Jeanne Gomoll did for the Tiptree Award (see icon).

  8. Isn’t latex the new silk for space babes? Can’t wait to see the calendar girls.

  9. cyber_pagan says:

    I’m almost surprised you don’t have a “Spacegirl – Will Travel” outift, considering Fantasm and DragonCon attendance. Of course you can just pose with the Raygun and nothing else 😉

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