Quick note

No time to update my journal recently. Stole a bit of time thanks to early AM insomnia. Mixed blessing that. Actually, haven’t slept at all tonight. Many people in our house, much catching up, much gaming, happy happy. We Dream Masqued until the wee hours. Matthew killed us. Twice. I was so wired I couldn’t get to sleep. Probably the two cups of coffee and the No-Doz had something to do with that too.

Bleary now.

On Writing
My 100th and 101st rejection letters yesterday. Blah. We had chocolate pie to celebrate.

The galley proofs for “Second Daughter” from Leading Edge. They look fantastic! Had a couple itty-bitty edits and one formatting blurb which I’ve sent off to them. Excited to see it when it comes out in October!

A call from A.C. Crispin regarding my story submission to her Advanced Writers Workshop at D*C this year. She really liked my story; she said the ending made her cry! I’m still bouncing off the walls (or is that the caffein?) She called ’cause she wanted me to send her an electronic copy so she can show it to some other writer people (Kathleen O’Malley and Victoria Strauss) for their opinions. My heart just about flung itself through my chest when she said that. She thought “Running On Two Legs” was good enough to show to her writing colleagues! She also suggested I send it to Asimov’s which I will do immediately after I make whatever tweaks are necessary after her workshop.

5 crits each so far and counting for my two stories up for review at Critters. As always, some excellent feedback, some not-so-much. Will be more curious this time around when I do my end breakdowns for these.

Brain powering down. And yet, still awake. That can’t be good.

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10 Responses to Quick note

  1. reudaly says:


    I’d’ve gone orbital just picking up the phone and having A.C. Crispin on the other end! I think the Crispin call makes up for 100 and 101…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: WHEE!

      We screen all our phone calls so when I heard her voice coming from our machine, I careened off a couch and a wall in my scramble to grab the phone. Didn’t feel a thing.

  2. mouseferatu says:

    Oh, wow. Wow, wow, wow.

    My turn to be envious of you, I think. 🙂

  3. oracne says:

    Awesome on the workshop story!

  4. leadensky says:


    May I add you to my friends list? No recep needed – I’d just like to keep updated on the workshop story news.

    – hossgal

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