Slept for most of Sunday and a remarkably huge chunk of Monday, and I’m still feeling a bit loopy from Fantasm. Sheesh, it’s taking me longer and longer to recover from these cons.

Dropped dude_the off at the airport yesterday, and Hobkin is relieved to have us back at home. He’s been clinging to me with all his fuzzy might, alternating between expressing his fuzzy neediness and demanding to be fed.

The world returneth to normal.

Writing Stuff

Gah! I came back to a huge backlog of Tangent work. Spent the wee hours that I was awake last night (my internal clock appears to be experiencing a reset from the weekend) catching up on it. Still have much to do, but at least it’s less overwhelming.

Came back to no fewer than SIX, count them six rejections from this weekend. Fortunately, I was extremely anesthetized when I got them, so none of them have particularly fazed me.

In order:
– 13-day “Just to let you know, FADE TO BLACK CAME in second. Good luck placing it elsewhere or submitting it again next quarter if you so desire.” From Stephen D. Rogers Presents. DAMMIT!! So close! To re-submit it next quarter or not . . . HELL YES I’m going to submit it again next quarter.
– Three 11-day rejects from the Corpse Blossoms anthology after they invited me to submit multiples to them. After getting a couple “we really liked this but it isn’t what we’re looking for”s, I sent them a range of stories, hoping one of them would fit. Instead, I gave the editors the impression that I suffer from multiple personality disorder, and apparently pump out fiction whilst in the thralls of my various personas. Well, crap.
– 266-day YFoP from Realms of Fantasy with personalized scribble at the bottom apologizing for holding it so long and telling me they’re overstocked.
– 8-day glowing reject from Lenox Ave.. They had wonderful things to say about my story, but found that it wasn’t right for them. Fooie.

Need to make a post office run today, most definitely.

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12 Responses to Recovering

  1. mtreiten says:

    I feel for you with the Corpse Blossoms anthology. I had one after they had given it a glowing response early on, only to fall in the last round of cuts. Rather disappointing, eh?

    Hang in there.

  2. In regards to your corpse blossom fiasco: That is very odd. You sent them a few submission? and none of them hit? I’m assuming they gave you stricter guidelines than the ones they posted?

    I dont know, the one thing I hate about the major markets out there is that they are very vaugue about what they want. The ones in my genre say they want DARK and for them to BITE THEIR NAILS in fear. A) I’m not dark and I’m not even sure I can ever say I am, I usually write a story based on an idea or arch and B) I shouldnt even be biting my nails.

    But then there are a few marktes that actually post clearer guidelines and even name a few writers in the style they are looking for. Those either I dont bother because they are clear, or I get hits because they are :-0

    Yeah, Corpse Blossom was very vague.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Corpse Blossoms

      As far as Corpse Blossoms goes, I sent them a submission way back when they first opened. After something like two months, they sent me a “we really liked this but it’s not right for the anthology” and invited me to submit to them again before their December deadline. So I tossed another story to them. Another two months+ go by, and they say again that they “really liked this but it’s not right for the anthology” and they invited me to submit again (even though the deadline was long past), and said I could send them several stories if I wished. I sent them a wide spectrum of tales, hoping that one of them would be “right for their anthology,” but nope. Oh well. Five stories rejected, and I still don’t know what they were really looking for. But they were very nice to let me submit so many times. I seem to be wobbling on the line with what they liked. Fooie.

  3. britzkrieg says:

    8-day glowing reject from Lenox Ave. They had wonderful things to say about my story, but found that it wasn’t right for them.

    Which story did you send them? Have I critted it for you?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I don’t think you’ve seen this story. It’s one I wrote back in 2002. I keep getting great comments on it, but it hasn’t been able to find a home. Sigh. I’m very close to trunking it.

  4. wistling says:

    Well, you got me beat…only two rejections for me this weekend. Sorry to hear about all those ‘no’s. It is a strange comfort, though, to see a YFOP notice somewhere…it may well mean that my 224-day (and counting) submission at ROF is hopefully percolating to the top of Shawna’s slush pile (or it may not; this is the first story that’s made it past Carina).

  5. jack_yoniga says:

    “Came back to no fewer than SIX, count them six rejections from this weekend.”

    Ah, company for me! Pull up a chair. 😉

  6. tstauffer says:

    What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. So true in the case of writers, eh? I’m currently pulling up crits from a very promising story and working up the nerve to dive in and fix the damn thing. I’ve been under the weather since the con. Thinking it was all the ‘medicine’ I consumed at the infirmary. Seems the older I get the worse the hangovers. The only time I drink is at the cons and then I limit it to just one night. But back to writing…waiting to hear back from Walt Hicks about the story I subbed to Death Grip: Exit Laughing. Also found out yesterday that the Small Bites anthology has been nominated for a Bram Stoker. Not that I had a lot to do with that, but I still think it is cool.

    If nothing else, the rejects show you are working. 🙂 @whee! Hey, can skunks do tricks? 🙂 I spent an hour last night trying to teach my black lab mix, Luna, how to shake. I finally gave up.



    • Eugie Foster says:

      I still find myself starting something, then forgetting what I was doing, something that crops of more often when I’m tired and/or hungover. Meep.

      Re: Skunk Tricks – not so much. Hobkin’s more inclined to teach us behavior that he finds desirable! He’s trained us to give him cookies on demand, to boost him up onto the couch when he’s too lazy to climb up on his own, and to sit still when he wants to cuddle. Hee.

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