Rewrite Saturday

Been writing for most of the day.

Just finished my rewrite of the story I had in the Critters queue last week. I’ll give it one final pass, then out into the world it goes. This one was a particularly grueling rewrite as there were substantial changes/clarifications that needed making. Not to mention I ended up with thirty critiques (I vow I will never complain about a lack of lovin from Critters again!) Gleep. But I think I managed to address the flaws in the story, at least to my satisfaction. I’ll sleep on it and go over it again tomorrow, but I’m well pleased with my efforts. Fork poised and ready to stick.

Also did a couple more passes on the new story and re-loaded it to Critters. MPC processed and it’s slated to go up next week. Huzzah.

I feel quite productive even though all I did today is rewrite. Probably ’cause the rewrites were fairly extensive.


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