Saint Sinner

Watched Saint Sinner last night with Matthew and Paul, the Clive Barker made-for-TV movie on the Sci-Fi channel. I think Clive Barker would be fun to hang with at a party. Or maybe he’d be kinda scary.

Having seen some of his other stuff, and read his horror short fiction, Saint Sinner came across as his attempt at horror comedy. He doesn’t elicit the same sorts of laughs that, oh, say Joss Whedon does with his brand of horror wit, but there was certainly a humorous irony that speckled the movie. It’s the kind of funny that makes you pull your lips back from your teeth and chuckle, rather than a delighted belly laugh.

And I don’t think Clive thinks people are very bright in general.

Overall, it was fun. Nothing monumental, but fun. And there was a LOT of gratuitous clothing. In a story about succubi, one would assume there would be nekkidness. And yet. Many strategically placed sheets, though.

I wish Clive owned the rights to Nightbreed so he could finish up the sequel. Now that was good Clive Barker.

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4 Responses to Saint Sinner

  1. alladinsane says:

    This……is Scifi……no nudity… Farscape…..

  2. amokk says:

    the idea that cable tv let people get away with anything from cussin’ to nekkid people got lost about 3 years after cable started. cable’s no longer an exclusive thing, and then there’s the stupid Federal Communist Committee.

    So Sci Fi wont show nudity and bleeps out cussin’. sucks, but that’s life.

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