This is the second time that I start Jonesing for a sale and I get one! After a query, I discover that Abyss & Apex wants to buy my flash story “Inside the Witch’s Oven.” Hurray!

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  1. sdowens says:

    Congrats Eugie! Today was a good day for me too, a sale in the email box offering 3 cents a word.

  2. dionycheaus says:

    yay! much props! Interesting indeed that this is your second sale that has come post-a-jonesing. Perhaps this is a new sort of clairvoyance?

  3. drewelusive says:

    Congrats to you!!!

  4. Congratulations, Eugie!! I was just checked out ‘Abyss & Apex’ and read some of their flash fiction. WOW, is all I can say. Those stories were *so* well done! Please let me know when your story is published. I’d love to read it!


    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks! I’m not sure, but from the email I got from the editor, they implied they wanted to publish “Inside the Witch’s Oven” in their next issue. But I’m not sure if that means issue #10, or part ii of issue #9 . . .

  5. britzkrieg says:

    Congrats again! Sounds like an interesting piece.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thank you! It was just a short-short I came up with on a rainy day when I was feeling rather surly and dark. I’m glad I was able to turn my grim mood into something productive!

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