Sale to Paradox!

Dancing in the streets! I just sold “The Tiger Fortune Princess” to PARADOX Magazine!! “Tiger Fortune” is another fairy tale, a Chinese re-telling of Snow White. At this rate, I’m beginning to seriously think about compiling a collection of my fairy tales and seeing if I can’t get an agent to tout them around to publishing houses.

Dwell upon that later. For now: Another pro sale! Woo!

The editor gave me two publication options. “Tiger Fortune” can either be in the PDF issue that prints in January (#4), or I can wait until July or September of next year and be in a print one (#6 or #7). With this mag, they do three print issues and one PDF. Normally I much prefer print to any electronic medium, but September is a long time to wait. Plus I get paid on publication.

Hmm. Ponder ponder ponder.

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16 Responses to Sale to Paradox!

  1. terracinque says:

    Wait for print. It’s still better-respected, and it’s not like you’d starve without your writing income.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      That’s pretty much the conclusion I came to. Plus I’ve got several things coming out this year, so I don’t think I’ll be hurting for my-name-in-print fixes.

  2. sythyry says:


  3. mouseferatu says:

    Oooh… That is indeed a tough choice…

    I think I’d have to recommend waiting, though. It’s a year away, and that can be tough as hell to wait. But as someone else pointed out, print is still better respected than electronic publishing. So if the money’s the same, and if you aren’t going to need that money sooner, I’d say it’s better for the rep and the career to wait and see it in print.

    In either way, though, mucho congrats. 🙂

    (Man, at this rate, you and I are going to have to install “Congrats! And Lob!” macros on our keyboards…) 😉

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yep, I’m opting for the print issue option. I just plain like the feel of paper better than pixels.

      And thank you!

      Man, at this rate, you and I are going to have to install “Congrats! And Lob!” macros on our keyboards…

      You don’t have one already on yours?

  4. matociquala says:

    I’d wait.

    And that’s a great market–congrats!

  5. coronalrain says:


  6. oracne says:

    Congrats! That’s a good sale.

  7. crowgrl says:

    I’ll add another congratulations to the pile. Way to go!

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