Saturday silliness

Yesterday was fun. Fairly mundane and domestic, but nice and a bit silly. We decided that we should get out of the house for a bit, but weren’t sure what to do. Office Max had sent us a coupon ($10 off on a purchase of $20 or more), so we decided to make that our entertainment. In the hallowed halls of the office supply store, we giggled like children and tickled each other, made silly noises, and overall had a blast. And we ended up buying a box of #10 envelopes (’cause I was running low for SASEs), 250 sheets of heavy matte paper, an 8-pack of AAA batteries, and a large container of gummy bears. Then we went to the grocery store and bought some frozen pizzas and chips, and came home and vegged in front of the television with Hobkin, snacking on junk food and watching Fierce Creatures and Blood: the Last Vampire (because it is Halloween season, after all).

Matthew’s re-filled the hot tub, and it’s all primed for use. Think we’ll a nice, long soak in it today. I do love Fall in Georgia.

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