Session ’07 Day 19. And baby skunk pix!

Stumbled through the door a bit after 9:30 last night. Got out of the office earlier than everyone else, slightly after 8:30, but the travel time tacks on another hour. These commutes are murder during session. I didn’t mind them so much during off-session, but at 9ish on the train, my brain’s too slagged to get anything done, so I end up staring blankly at my laptop screen, tabulating all the hamsters I should be juggling, but without enough energy to so much as lob one in the air. It’s disheartening it is.

On the heartening cuteness front, wordswoman forwarded this Cute Overload link to me yesterday which totally made me squee. Baby skunk being fostered by a mama cat!

Thanks again, Jaye. Adorable skunk baby pictures make even the longest Monday better.


Writing Stuff

So I saw on that Here & Now is well and truly dead, as declared by the editor. No surprise there, what with their interminable delays and erratic publication schedule, but it does orphan a story I sold them in . . . 2003. Agh. Yah, I should’ve pulled that one a loooong time ago. But they published two of my other stories in ’05, which kept me hoping. It’s awfully hard pulling a story from a sale.

New Words:
Not so much new words as compiling an outline for my “Worldbuilding” workshop. Also, the organizers encouraged me to come up with a catchy title. “Worldbuilding for Writers” probably doesn’t qualify as “catchy.” Grmpf.

– A personal invite from the editors of the new YA ‘zine, Shiny, to submit something. I pored over my logs, but couldn’t find something that was suitable and that wasn’t currently out at a “no simsubs!” market. But, hmm, now I’ve got a story freed up from H&N‘s folding. Gonna read it over and see if I think it’s got enough of a YA tone . . .

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17 Responses to Session ’07 Day 19. And baby skunk pix!

  1. ecmyers says:

    Aargh! Thanks for the update on Here & Now. I have had something in their slush for over a year…should have pulled it sooner, but they updated in September saying they were backed up but still reading. Not as bad as having to find a new market for your sold story though.

  2. neo_prodigy says:

    re: here & now

    i’ve been submitting to another online magazine and the editor has been ridiculously behind on each issue. i don’t see that one lasting too much longer either.

  3. lizziebelle says:

    OMG baby skunk and kittens! That is the cutest thing ever!

  4. keesa_renee says:

    Worldbuilding for Writers? I’d join! 😉

    I was just looking at Shiny earlier…it sounds cool, but the only thing they might like is currently out in the deep, dark voids of SubSpace.

    Sorry to hear about your long day yesterday! Here’s hoping today is much shorter. :hugs:

    One more day to midpoint…one more day to midpoint…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hee! Well, if you’re seriously interested, the workshop will be open to non-members of the group that’s sponsoring it. I’ll make sure I keep registration and suchlike info updated here and on my website.

      One more day to midpoint…one more day to midpoint…

      And then it’s only 20 more days! Urk.

  5. adobedragon says:

    I recently submitted something to Shiny and they got me a super-duper fast rejection, which, is rather refreshing and suggests they know how to do business. That is, where reading submissions in a timely manner is part of doing business.

    I had a story in H&N’s Le Brea Tar Pit of slush for over a year now. Got annoyed recently and sent the story elsewhere. Since the editor spent more attending conferences and participating in NaNoWriMo, than actually attending to business or running the magazine, I’m not surprised the pub folded. Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Happy to spread the word. And yah, I kept visiting their blog and hitting “refresh,” hoping for some word of impending publication, and getting nada. I’m really not surprised by this. Honestly, I’d expected them to fold. I was just hoping they’d publish their next issue with my story in it and pay me beforehand.

  6. thatmadgirl says:

    Huh! I can’t say I’m surprised about Here & Now either. I let a story sit there for a looooong time, didn’t hear back from a query, and finally pulled it. Actually, that’s the story I just sold to Town Drunk, so perhaps it was fate. 🙂

    Also, thanks to the link to Shiny! I’ve got some YA stories from Clarion that are going to need homes eventually.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Sounds like quite a few stories got mired in the abyssal oubliette of their slush.

      Actually, that’s the story I just sold to Town Drunk, so perhaps it was fate

      Serendipity! Woot!

  7. cyber_pagan says:

    I guess you could always call the workshop “Let there be light!”

  8. matt_wallace says:

    My sympathy (and empathy) to the orphaned tale.

    You know, that’s a killer anthology concept: The Orphaned, tales collected from dead markets. I might work on putting that together as a promotional podcast for perspective publishers/editors. Get a really smooth-talking voice actor to host the thing like a Big Brothers of America commercial.

    “Wouldn’t YOU like to be the publisher of a story . . . like this . . . “

  9. The skunk-kitten cuteness was almost too much to bear. Ahhhhh. Thanks for sharing and thanks to wordswoman for showing the way.
    Here’s to your new YA sub, whatever form it might take. Keep juggling those hamsters, babe-star!

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