Session ’07, Day 32

As it turns out, Crossover Day wasn’t so bad. I got out at 8ish–well within normal session hours–and it sounds like the latest chamber (the Senate this year) got out at around 10:30. So far, this week has been pretty gentle. And since the legislature adjourns all of next week for Spring Break, I don’t expect I’ll have to work this weekend.


I continue to be amused when bills that I edited are deemed newsworthy. This time, it’s SB 43–prohibiting (certain) employers from prohibiting (certain) employees from (lawfully) carrying firearms in their (locked) vehicles–and the AJC‘s Political Insider commentary. *Snerk* Me likie when evil politicians squabble amongst themselves.

dude_the is here. Yay! He went with fosteronfilm to the Atlanta Film Festival volunteer meeting last night, so I came home to a humanless house. Hobkin trundled out to see me, crawled up beside me on the couch, and we both promptly fell asleep until the boys came home.

Despite the relatively easy pace of this week, I’m exhausted.


Writing Stuff

The French ‘zine Faeries hasn’t paid me yet for “Of Two Minds in Lanais” that they reprinted last November. There’s often delays in this biz between when I expect to be paid and when I actually am, so I didn’t think much of it initially–especially since this is the third story of mine they’ve published, and the prior two times they paid me without any fuss. But I queried the editor about it two weeks ago and haven’t heard a peep back. It’s making me a bit anxious both in a “why haven’t they replied?” way as well as an “are my emails going astray again?” way. Urk.

– Note from my Cricket/Cicada editor letting me know that, as I feared, my recent Cicada submission didn’t make it in before the new submissions moratorium, so it’s being bounced back. Pook. But I also got a bit of a status update on how things are going up there in Cricket Country–slow but progressing–and an encouraging nudge to write and submit something to Cricket, which has, ye verily, kicked my motivation to do exactly that into hyperdrive. Pondering. Think think think.
– Galley proofs of “Mistress Fortune Favors the Unlucky” from the editor of Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy. It’s due to come out next month, and I anticipate many giggle-out-loud moments within its pages.
– 39-day “doesn’t quite meet the needs of our podcast” with a “we look forward to your next” from Pseudopod on a flash reprint. Alas.

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  1. Patrick was never paid for his Faeries reprint either…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Really? Well, crap. And his story came out in the issue before the November one mine was in. At least it’s looking less likely that my emails were lost into a great virtual abyss. But still, crap crap crap.

      Thanks for letting me know, Stephanie.

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