Session ’07, In Recess

This Saturday was the first all-staff Dragon*Con 2007 meeting, whereupon I discovered that I’m losing from my Daily Dragon staff. Sigh. So now I need a new reporter.

I was so tired, the meeting was something of a blur, but it was good seeing folks like dire_epiphany, sara1221, arkhamrefugee, and bevlovesbooks. Of note, the Cruxshadows were having a concert at the Masquerade that night and offered to let D*C directors in gratis, but I was so logy, I just didn’t have it in me to go dancing. Sad, ain’t it? I’m feeling old.


Writing Stuff

– My March Writing for Young Readers column: “The ABCs of Writing for Kids: Active, Brief, and Cut Cut Cut”

– Fan mail, this time for “The devil and Mrs. Comstock’s Snickerdoodles” in RoF! Happy writer Eugie.
– Note with contract from paul_m_jessup for “The Goddess Queen’s Battlefield,” which will be the lead story in issue #2 of GrendelSong. Sweet!
– An invite to submit to a ghost story anthology which, ultimately, I turned down. I hate saying “no” to an editor asking to buy my work, but I didn’t have anything suitable on hand, and I simply don’t have the time crank out something new. Maybe next time.
– 6-day “no GUD” from GUD. I’m actually a bit chagrined about this one. I think I might’ve subbed this same story to them before. My spreadsheet burped when I was coming up with a new market, and I may have accidentally deleted my records from that submission. Urg. I’m getting scatterbrained.
– Invite from Rob J. Santa to submit to two anthologies he’s putting together. Rob and me are writing buddies through Exchanged crits turned to mutual appreciation and friendly back-and-forth. He’s starting up a new small press outfit, Ricasso Press, which I give him many snaps for. Going to try to come up with something appropriate for his anthos. Not sure if I’ll be able to, but not only do I hate saying “no” to an editor, but Rob’s an amigo.

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12 Responses to Session ’07, In Recess

  1. yukinooruoni says:

    oh no 🙁

    What happened Lord Dark?? I was looking forward to talking to him about helping out with AWA!

  2. ogre_san says:

    Editors ARE hard to say no to. Probably because we spend so much time hustling our own work that it’s nice to be asked for a change.

  3. sargent says:

    It was great to have a chance to talk and to (two years belatedly) get your website from you for story-readin’ purposes.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hey, I’m always delighted to pimp my work! It’s just such a rare occurrence to have someone come up and say “hey, I wanna read your stuff” that I find myself caught off guard when it happens. Good thing I had the foresight to stick up a website . . .

  4. keesa_renee says:

    Awww! I’m sorry you had to turn down the antho invite…but hey, look at it this way; you got to turn down an antho invite! Famous people do that, you know…you must be famous. And hey, congrats on being able to say ‘no’. 😀

    • Eugie Foster says:

      And hey, congrats on being able to say ‘no’

      Hee! More like I didn’t have any other choice.

      Me? Famous? Nah. Famous is being a household name. Most of the folks in my subdivision would go “Eugie, who?” if I showed up on their doorstep. But it’s nice to think that a few folks who I don’t know on a first name basis might think I can string a pair of sentences together decently, and also that I might be making a bitty bit of a name for myself in the industry.

  5. Lots of good news to balance the bad. Sorry I couldn’t attend that staff meeting, but I’ll be there in August!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      No problemo on the staff meeting. Most of my staff, including , my second, can’t make the meetings. But you better believe I’m counting on you to be there in August!

      • B says we will be there, even if they don’t let him in Artist Alley (for the first time, we think, since 1999). They are making him jury although he has never had to do so before. I told him JUST DO IT! After all, he’s won best fantasy jewelry in show twice before (once amateur and once pro); how could they ban him now?

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