Shake-ups in the small press horror world

From The Write Hemisphere (6/27/2003):

The press release from 3F Publications and Catalyst Press regarding their merger into deMoNic Books:

Nicole Thomas (owner, 3FPublications), and Monica O’Rourke (owner, Catalyst Press) completed the merger of their respective publishing companies, under the new name of deMoNic Books, earlier this week. The new management have completely re-evaluated their publication schedules, as well as the titles each imprint has slated for publication. Several anthologies have already been cut from the line- up, which include the cancellations of: Spirits & Sleuths, Cockroach Suckers, Fresh Blood, Obscure Visions and Lingering Dementia.

With financial hardships extending from residential to commercial, a small press stands little chance of lasting a year. O’Rourke and Thomas hope to beat that by uniting their companies under the parent company of deMoNic Books. The focus is now on just novels and short story collections, with less emphasis on anthologies. It is hoped that the restructuring of both companies under deMoNic Books will result in a stronger business entity and be in a better and stronger position to serve the horror community.

Further updates on publication schedules will follow.

reudaly didn’t you have something at Cockroach Suckers? It looks like that title’s going the way of the dodo.

Dang but news like this makes me really worried about the state of the publishing industry. Monica is a members of one of my writers groups. She hasn’t mentioned this merger yet, but grapevine sounds indicate it was pretty sudden. Hope DeMoNic Books works out. We need more quality, professionally-run publishers, not less.

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5 Responses to Shake-ups in the small press horror world

  1. sacredsin says:

    Small Press Horror

    Are you familiar with Necro Publications?

    My friend Dave Barnett runs it, and he’s been putting out very good stuff as of late.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Small Press Horror

      Thanks for the link. I wasn’t familiar with Necro Pub. But hey, I perused their website and didn’t see anything about a call for submissions for future projects?

      • sacredsin says:

        Re: Small Press Horror

        I can find out for you. I think he mentioned to me before that he’s always taking submissions from new writers. (and he’s said alot of what he’s gotten hasn’t been very good so far…though he seemed to like a story of mine)

        BTW, do you have any works on-line I could check out?

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: Small Press Horror

          I can find out for you.

          Thanks! I’m always on the lookout for new markets.

          BTW, do you have any works on-line I could check out?

          I rarely submit to online markets. I’m in love with the feel of paper , so I don’t have any full stories online. However I do have a couple excerpts available:

          There’s one from “In Suffering Lies Salvation,” a story of mine forthcoming in the Blasphemy anthology.

          And one of “Troubadour and the Moon” on the Eggplant Literary Productions Librarly.

          They’re both rather short, I’m afraid (as excerpts do tend to be).

  2. reudaly says:

    Fortunately NO

    I’d meant to submit to Cockroach Suckers, but didn’t have the story ready in time for the deadline.

    Apparently, that’s a GOOD thing, considering what you just posted… I hate to see those anthologies go away, and I agree with you about needing MORE presses not LESS, but if by merging ONE can stay in business rather than TWO going under – then I wish them luck.

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