Skunk flights of fancy

fosteronfilm and I have odd chats. Mostly, I think my husband humors me, but he also has a delightfully whimsical streak which I love. Yesterday, I took it into my head to teach Hobkin how to “sit.” Erm. I’ve had better ideas. Anyway, in the ensuing discussion I had with my hubby, I then suggested I might try teaching Hobkin how to trot and canter. That obviously led to the subject of Hobkin as a mount . . . for a very, very small rider, like say a pixie or a sprite. Consequently, I spent some time watching Hobkin trundling about the house. He’s got short, stumpy legs, which results in a pronounced rolling gait. I can’t imagine that would be a very comfortable ride. Probably a lot of dizzying rocking back and forth and bumpiting, but on the other hand, he’d be very very soft to sit on. I went so far as to suggest out loud that I tie a stuffed animal or paper doll onto Hobkin’s back to see how they would ride. Wiser minds (fosteronfilm‘s) stepped in and nixed that idea. But he did go on to say that a sprite would probably be the best rider for Hobkin because their wings could serve as sort of a stabilizer against the worst of Hobkin’s trundling–assuming, of course, that they could avoid being eaten by their erstwhile mount. At that point, I dissolved into giggles.

Not a riding animal:


Writing Stuff

14-day rejection from Fictitious Force after making the second round of readings.
129-day “I have held onto this tale based upon the strength of your writing. However . . . ” from Shadowed Realms with invite to submit again.


In better news, I published a Tangent review written by sartorias for Paradox #7 and she had lovely things to say about my “The Tiger Fortune Princess”:

“Foster writes with a graceful, easy touch, with just the right images, making the story into a tapestry.  We’ve already seen the whole from the beginning, but that in no way takes away from the pleasure of going over it bit by bit in order to savor the details.”
–Sherwood Smith, Tangent

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9 Responses to Skunk flights of fancy

  1. Skunk as mount and guard all rolled into one smelly package

    I absolutely adore the idea of a story with Hobkin as a mount. You have a wonderful grasp of the skunkish personality for starters. It could be a wonderful parody of all those silly horsey stories written to make teenage girls swoon. You know the type, the ones in pink who love horses, but who have never mucked a stall. Sounds like Hobkin’s gait would make his ride something like a camel’s. But, hey, they’re incredibly useful for crossing deserts. Having a skunk to get through a forest with lions and tigers and bears, oh my, wouldn’t be such a bad thing. And the jokes from his protective fuminations? Try your hand at some smelly humor for a change. I would love to read it.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Skunk as mount and guard all rolled into one smelly package

      Actually, I did write a story with a skunk serving (briefly) as a mount (in Faerie). It’s currently making the rounds with the editors. It may be a bit to, err, “twee” to sell. We’ll see . . .

  2. mroctober says:

    Hobkins looks like he’d serve better as a throne to some indulgent pixie. A Siege Perilous (or better yet, Siege Mephitous) that might snap up the foolhardy soul willing to recline on a plush tum.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Oh, he’d make a sumptuous divan, all soft and warm! Very luxurious and comfy . . . err, except, of course, when he was munching upon the reclinee. I suspect that would be rather pointy and stressful, and not at all pleasant. Trade-offs.

  3. keesa_renee says:

    It would seem to me that a skunk would make an excellent mount, if a little rocky…just think of the defense that a small sprite would have while riding one! 😀 :imagines a lone skunk and rider, waddling off into the sunset…:

  4. Wonderful review, Eugie! Congratulations!! 😀

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