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Hobkin was quite snugglesome last night. Actually, he was so snugglesome this morning he woke me up before my alarm. He kept burrowing into my armpit. As most people reading this (excluding puskunk and alijt) probably don’t have a frame of reference for sleeping with an attention-mongering skunk, lemme say it’s a bit like having a stuffed animal insistently trying to imbed itself into your body. There are many much worse things than having a living plush creature trying to fuse into one’s armpit, but it still proves a little difficult to sleep through. I think he was either cold or wanted to be hugged. As soon as I gathered him up in my arms (and out of my armpit) and cuddled him, he quit trying to burrow into me. But then, of course, I was wide-awake and totally pinned. Typical.

Saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding for the first time last night. I quite enjoyed it. I see why it did so well. It’s charming and funny, despite being predictable.

Writing stats:

The editor/publisher of the Tales of the Paranormal anthology sent me an email requesting to use my story “Inspirations End” on her website to promote the anthology. She said it was one of her favorites, which I’m well pleased by, but I’m not sure if I’m fond of the idea of having it online as I’m trying to sell reprint rights to it, and having it so readily available might make that difficult. Hmm.

And what the hell is the deal with the Blasphemy anthology? I was counting on bringing it and Tales of the Paranormal to Fantasm but I have still yet to hear of a publication date or see edits to approve. Grumble. Launching another query . . .

Also scribbled out a synopsis/outline and cranked out 800 words on the new high fantasy/virtual reality fusion piece.

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  1. terracinque says:

    As most people reading this…probably don’t have a frame of reference for sleeping with an attention-mongering skunk, lemme say it’s a bit like having a stuffed animal insistently trying to imbed itself into your body.

    At the risk of comparing Hobkin to a less-exotic animal, my calico Piper does the same thing. She’s convinced she can get herself under my ribcage if she just pushes with her nose hard enough.

  2. Everytime I hear story about Hobkin it makes me wanna get my own skunk. But, like the Ferrets, they’re illegal in California. Anyway, glad your stuffed animal is huggable. 😀

  3. kafkonia says:

    Eugie, any idea where I could find out whether or not skunks are legal pets in Canada? I haven’t been able to turn up any info.

    (And many profuse apologies if I’ve asked you this before and plum forgot. I blame a combination of my medication and the contagious nature of my fiancee’s forgetfulness.)

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Y’know, I have no idea whether skunks are legal as pets in Canada. I’ve posted the question to my “skunkchat” community to see if anyone there knows. I’m curious myself. I’ll let you know as soon as a definitive answer is to be had!

      • kafkonia says:


        (And many apologies in advance if I ask you this again at some point. 🙂 )

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Hee. No problemo. I love talking about my fuzzy beast.

          Okay, here are the replies I received on the Canadian skunk ownership front. They’re not exactly definitive, and seem to indicate that your best bet would be to contact some proper authorities in-the-know:

          “Not without special permits they aren’t. And the permits are hard to get. Now I am only positive about this for BC, as that’s where I live. I found out after we got ours that we needed the permits, and was threatened with all sorts of nasty things like having my skunks taken away and destroyed etc. Not nice at all, but I got the permits, and in fact will be getting 2 or 3 more skunks this spring on new permits.”

          “Contact your Provincial Department of Natural Resources and ask there. More than likely wild ones NO. But Domestically bred/documented skunk’s different story, it’s a pet and not exotic. Don’t let them confuse the issue with the wildlife act as it only pertains to wildlife and not domestic bred.”

          “actually the wildlife act does pertain to wild species that are captive bred and domesticated. we have a mink farm and we still have to do with the Ministry of the Environment. As well out here they call them a domestic species (not to be confused with domesticated) and as such that makes them unable to be had as pets, but importing a Bengal tiger is ok. friggin stupid.”

          Clear as mud. But it does sound like they are legal to have with the proper clearance and hoops to hurtle.

  4. ex_girlmech says:

    Aw. I’m jealous of Hobkin’s cuddliness.

    Congrats on getting your “writing groove” back!

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