Skunk Pictures

Yesterday I wrote, so here are some pictures of Hobkin for those of you who skip over the “Writing Stuff” portion of my journal:

Napping and being my muse

Looking out from under his hutch

Hobkin always washes his face and paws after his meals–which I appreciate because otherwise he’d track yogurt and veggie juices all over the carpet. It’s also excessively cute.

Writing Stuff

Started doing research on a new folk tale. And also began a new fantasy short story. Man, I’d forgotten what hitting flow felt like! 1400 words on the short story and they just rolled out of me. I’ve missed easy writing; it felt so good, like stretching after being stuck in a little box for days. I really do seem to be a short story writer. This just feels so much more natural to me than what I’ve been doing on A Harmony of Foxes. Now I’ve just got to get myself to keep working on Foxes while I write shorter stuff.

A Harmony of Foxes
New words: 950

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,491 / 45,000

Club 100 For Writers


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37 Responses to Skunk Pictures

  1. Eugie Foster says:

    Dick, the skunk’s de-scented. The stink’s all you.

  2. Eugie Foster says:

    See Dick. See Dick troll. Troll Dick troll. Ooops. Dick got banned. Buh-bye.

    • quasiskunk says:

      I think Dick had 2 too many equal signs in his icon 🙂

    • puskunk says:

      Yeah, show Hobkin with his mouth open. He’s not defenseless. My skunk Luke had over inch long fangs.

      • Eugie Foster says:

        My God, Luke must have been part sabre-tooth. But yeah, Hobkin is most definitely not defenseless, as the judges at the last skunk show can certainly attest to . . .

    • jmeadows says:

      Hey, neat, you can ban! How do you do that? *boggles*

      And Eeeeee! Skunky cuteness! I wonder if Hobkin would get along with the ferrets. Or if they would get along with him. Didn’t you used to have ferrets?

      • Eugie Foster says:

        To ban a troll: While logged in, go to your Admin Console and type in ban_set username in the command box. It’s a useful ability when dealing with the random asshat.

        Full info on the LJ FAQ.

        Hmm, I’m not sure how Hobkin would react to ferrets. He’s got a decided “only skunk” mentality, but on the other hand he seems to get along fine with his godmother’s tribe o’skunks. (Yes, we had ferrets, but they preceded Hobkin without any overlap.)

        • jmeadows says:

          Ah, thanks! I had no idea how you were doing that, but I thought it was way cool. 😀

          Tribe of skunks? How many does she have??

          Hobkin sure is a cutie!

          • Eugie Foster says:

            I believe her tribe o’skunks numbers ten. Err, I might be off by one or two. She has many. It’s incredibly cute seeing them all stomping or running across her living room in a fuzzy pack. I don’t know how she does it. Our one Hobkin occupies us full-time. Then there’s who not only has multiple skunks, but a new baby as well. I’m in awe of their time management skills.

    • scyllacat says:

      Awwww, I thought he was teasing? But maybe I don’t know Dick. 🙂

      • pedrofeo says:

        yes! The Dick is much misunderstood. I do know him for many years, and he does be most facetious, scarcastic, and sensitive. The Dick is senstive like a little bitch! I think that is why he hates the feminist makers. jejejeje!

        You do love the skunks?! I do love my goat! Te amo mi cabra! Que sexi!

  3. “I really do seem to be a short story writer. This just feels so much more natural to me than what I’ve been doing on A Harmony of Foxes.”

    That is so funny. When I write short stories, I have just the opposite effect. They always seem too much like novels.

    ~Maggie 😉

  4. Always love the skunk photos! 😀

  5. quasiskunk says:

    The cuteness…it burns! *grins*

    Nothing like a set of Hobkin pics right after ya wake up in the morning. Thanks Eugie!

  6. puskunk says:

    I think I might be the only person who likes your writing updates more than your skunk pictures, I can grab a skunk anytime, but my writing leaves much to be desired.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks, sweetie! I suspect people get bored reading about my writing progress. Nice to know there are exceptions.

      • scyllacat says:

        Re: Writing progress

        I’m mostly jealous. I still feel like I’m trying to write myself up by my bootstraps. Cutie animal pictures keep me from getting depressed. 🙂

      • No, I’m here for the writing 🙂 I love reading people’s writing entries.

        Although skunk pics are always cute.

        Hi, I’m just a random person who friended you, btw. I noticed you’ve friended me back, though, so you can’t have thought I was too bizarre, I guess.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Welcome aboard! I love reading about other writers’ experiences, triumphs, and angsts as well. Writing is such a very solitary activity; it helps the sanity front to read on a day-to-day basis that there are other people going through the same highs and lows I do.

  7. You have the most adorable muse I’ve ever seen. Hobkin is, as always, soooo cute.

    I love the pictures you post of him, but I like to follow your writing stats and thoughts, too. I think it helps to learn from how other writers work, their victories, what they suffer through.

    And, while I wish you–and other writers–all the victories in the world, sometimes, it helps those of us who are struggling (especially with self-confidence issues) to see that writers who are already published still struggle with some of the same issues we’re trying so hard to overcome.

    I find your writing comments very inspirational, particularly since I’ve read some of your work on Critters and then seen one particular piece from Critters in print, too. That was so cool.

    You’re so lucky to be talented…even when the words might not always come as easily as you’d like.

  8. raecarson says:

    For the record, I do enjoy reading your Writer Stuff updates. But there’s just something about Hobkin…


  9. dang! that is just to cute!!
    My dog cleans her nose like that. I wonder she picked that up from, I never seen a long snot dog clean their nose like that.

  10. Sorry to leave this on an unrelated post, but I just finished “The Storyteller’s Wife” and loved it. 🙂 Isn’t this your second story in RoF now? And didn’t I tell you some time ago that I could definitely see reading your work in Realms? I tried to find the post where you put up part of the story art, but didn’t have any luck. I gave up after scrolling back just a few pages, and I was looking spcecifically for the art so if it was under a cut I missed it. And you need to write more (on LJ) about the trouble Hobkins gets into, otherwise I’m going to be seriously wanting a skunk, he’s entirely too cute. 🙂 (Never mind that skunks are illegal in Wisconsin and ChiaPet would ream me a new one if I brought a skunk home!)

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I’m so glad you liked “Storyteller’s Wife”! It’s one of my favorites that I’ve written to date. And yep, it’s my second in RoF. The first one was in the February issue, “Returning My Sister’s Face.”

      Um, artwork LJ posts: A detail on “Hobs” Here and the full image Here. Heather Hudson was the illustrator and I love what she came up with!

  11. pyanfar says:

    i like the writing updates. at several points throughout the past 15 or so years, specially in high school since my teachers told me all the time that i should be one, i’ve toyed with the idea of trying to be a writer. your updates give me an idea of what it really is like in the day-to-day life of an actual writer. so that’s groovy.

    in the meantime, Hobkin pics make me *squeee* all over myself, and that’s always nice. specially when i’m feeling down, heh

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hobkin is good for the squeeing, most definitely!

      What sort of writing are you interested in doing?

      • pyanfar says:

        well mostly i was/am interested in poetry and fiction. more fantasy-type fiction. my brother and i started a comic book once. well, sorta. he was drawing it and i was scripting it out and then i think he was doing the lettering, too. or maybe that was me… lol, gosh that was like at least 12 years or so ago. i’ve written out a very small handful of short stories, tons of melodramatic poetry, and some fiction/fantasy/scifi world outlines. i used to come up with these fantastic universes in my head and then eventually jot down ideas on paper, but then i could never get a *story* going in them. or if i did, i could never get very far with it. heh, i’m probably way too short on patience to ever really take a story and run with it til its end…

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