Stem cell transplant Day 12 (Day +5)

White counts have tanked to critical levels. Platelet counts are plummeting. (Needed a platelet transfusion last night.) GI tract is in a general state of rebellion and/or malaise. Food is an unpleasant chore that must be accomplished without an iota of  joy or relish.

We’re heading full speed into the nadir of side effects hell. Going to be a few more days of getting worse before I’ll start getting better. Fortunately, my health care team is not stingy with the drugs.

More drugs, please.

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8 Responses to Stem cell transplant Day 12 (Day +5)

  1. Sherry Decker says:

    It’s that awful darkest before the dawn time. Sorry it’s happening to you, but I believe you’ll conquer it, and when you’re feeling better, it will be so wonderful. Blessings.

  2. I’m glad they’ve told you what to expect. Makes it so much better if you know you’re not going to feel that bad forever. So hang in there!

  3. Jenn M says:

    The worse it gets, the closer you are to emerging on the other side. I am glad they are keeping a good eye on your platelets etc. *sends you a virtual hug and some cozy blankets*

  4. threeoutside says:


  5. Sophy ZsAdani says:

    Thinking of you and sending healing vibes. Hugs.

  6. Every minute you suffer through is another minute you don’t have to suffer again.

    I wish I could help.

  7. E Krock says:

    Sorry you’re in the rough patch. Sometimes there are periods of life where you just have to wait for them to be over. I will pray for the time to pass quickly.

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