Sunday in review

Yesterday we meant to go to the Fantasm director’s meeting. Apologies to yakdog et al. for missing it. Between one thing and another, we lost track of Sunday and by the time we realized “oh wait, wasn’t that supposed to be today?” it was too late. Bad Fosters. No Biscuit.

We did rent and watch the Scorpion King . Um. Again, I’m glad we didn’t pay to see this one at the theater. It was very Conan-esque. And, while both Matthew and I liked Conan, this just didn’t work for me. I think Matthew liked it better than I did. Scratch that. I’m sure Matthew liked it better than me. Guess I had a hard time getting over the questionable plot holes in the writing. The sorceress was lovely, though.

I believe it was J. Michael Stazinski who said that being a film director means that you will never be able to sit back and enjoy a movie ever again. You’ll forever be analyzing what’s happening, either criticizing it for its flaws, or trying to figure out why the parts that worked did. I’m feeling like that about the script writing whenever I watch movies or TV shows these days. I find myself going “Now that’s just awful. I could do better than that” or “Wow, that’s really inspired. What’s he/she doing that’s so right?”

New episode of Angel last night. Is it me, or is Joss’ Buffyverse getting a bit crowded? Vampires, demons, werewolves, and witches. Okay. Fine. **Minor Spoiler Alert!** But now we’ve got mutants? Between X-men, Mutant X, and now Birds of Prey, I’m getting a bit tired of the whole “meta human” thing. They’re certainly doing more with Fred’s character, though. I like that she’s such a dichotomy: frail and strong. But I’m worried they’re going overboard with her. I liked her best when she was a quirky thing with a hidden backbone of steel. Her burst of hysteria after Gunn’s brush with death, while understandable, didn’t feel right. **/Minor Spoiler Alert!**

On the writing front:
Argh! Maybe 100 words? The Halloween story is just jammed and does not want to come out. Part of it is that I’m waffling on styles. It starts out as a fairly traditional dark fantasy tale: an eldritch night, a spell, and fey folk. Then it turns into some fluffy YA thing. And now it’s metamorphosed into a horror story, complete with evisceration and gore. I need to finish something. I haven’t completed a story in weeks and weeks! *kicks muse*

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  1. yakdog says:

    Apology accepted.

    It’s all good–the meeting went well, and I should have more info for y’all soon.

  2. sylphon says:

    I agree re:Fred. Last night she didn’t quite seem right. Left field anyone? 🙂

    • t_rex says:

      Spoiler below…

      I agree. I love Fred, and I hope they don’t take her off into some weird direction that doesn’t fit what we know of her character. (Like they did with Cordy…grrrr.) I thought her ice bitch comment to Wesley as he turned to leave after rescuing Angel was a little odd. After all, wasn’t she the one who told him to never come back when he was in the hospital? But if she felt like she was the only one holding things together…maybe it fit…

      However, I am LOVING the Wesley/Lilah interaction.

      • Eugie Foster says:

        However, I am LOVING the Wesley/Lilah interaction.

        Me too! Although I keep hoping that the writers know what they’re doing with it. I’m still rooting for Wesley getting back with the Angel crew and they keep teasing us going “Wolfram and Hart recruit?” Eep.

      • sylphon says:

        I think they are already on their way towards ruining Fred. I guess since Cordy is out of the way for a bit they figured that messing with Fred was fun, I just hope they realize the err of their ways 🙂

        The Wesley/Lilah interaction is very amusing, it takes Wesley on a course to finally get some interesting traits..which is great!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I thought Fred was just a fantastic addition to Angel. I’m so worried they’ll mess her up . . .

  3. soyfaerie says:

    Awwwww….where’d you get the cute lil icon??

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Heh. I was dissatisfied with the range of emoticons available for LJ, so one night when I had a lot of free time, I went and collected some emoticon .gifs from the ‘net and published them to my own website directory. I link to them with an HTML “img src=”.

      All the ones I have are “public domain/free use” so if you see any you’d like to nab, be my guest.

  4. amokk says:

    yah, we were pretty glad we didnt pay much for the Scorpion King, and we know one movie we dont need to worry about getting the DVD or video for.

    if they would have unlinked it totally from The Mummy series, it actually would have lifted it a few levels (from junk to not-so-much-junk), but it has to live up to the other movies it relates with, and it fails in that aspect. put it on some alien planet and it’ll be ok (altho avoid the alien planet explanation ala Highlander 2!).

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yes! I kept scratching my head going: “this is related to The Mummy, HOW?” Both the setting and time frame seemed all wrong. And there was no mention of the bracelet or anything! There was always a niggling “huh?” at the back of the mind while watching it, which didn’t increase my viewing pleasure one bit.

      • sylphon says:

        Even from the commercials I was scratching my head and wondering how it was related. it seemed like just another excuse to throw some wrestlers into a sci-fi setting and toss some special effects around.

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