T minus six hours

I should be getting ready for Dragon*Con. I need to backup my Jornada, shower, and burn my sync software to CD. (I love my Jornada. I can take notes on the portable keyboard or longhand!) Plus we’ve got a slew of errands to run. But I’ve got this little fur demon sprawled out on my lap. Think in attitude and posture much like this, except on me instead of the kitchen floor:

Gah! A five pound animal has me pinned. Snark.

I’m trying to lavish as much attention and cuddles unto him before the Con as possible. He’s going to be locked up and alone for most of tomorrow thru late Monday, the poor little guy. I feel really badly about it. We’re also doping him up on Rescue Remedy, so maybe he’ll just loll around, all snookered up while we’re gone. Eep. I’m dosing my skunk!

So much to do. So very pinned.

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7 Responses to T minus six hours

  1. alladinsane says:

    Cute pic…I’d say he reminds me of several elected officials, but I have no right to insult your skunk like that..

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hobkin is curiously immune to political jabs. I suspect it’s because he’s secure in the knowledge that he’s doing as good a job at being the leader of the free world (some might even hazard a better one) as our loftiest elected official. Their brain spans are certainly on par . . .

      • silicates says:

        With all the people insulting skunks casually, you don’t need to add to the general condemnation with such a terrible comparison. I mean, really! Unless Hobkin’s stripes are made of pure cocaine, he’s far above our “elected” leader. Although he might be on par with .

        He’s so cute! Every time I see a picture of him I want my own skunky.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Y’know, I think if his stripes were made of 100% pure cocaine, I think Hobkin would definitely run for office.

          The little nipper has cute down, I’ll say that for him. He’s such a rascal! I was eating a peanut butter sandwich and he tripped me (on purpose? of course) and I dropped some crust on the floor. Before I could say “look out” he’s pounced on it and bounded away, trailing bread crumbs. Tricksy beastie.

  2. yakdog says:

    Full dance card?

    Looks like you and Matthew aren’t going to have enough hours in the day during Dragoncon! I hope we can find a few moments to chat during the weekend–Fantasm has booth #110 this year, and the two of you are welcome to stop by our hotel to unwind.

    Several of us have been stressed out and caught up in drama, but I believe we’ve settled everything–I’m looking forward to the weekend.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      My skunk ate my dance card.

      We definitely plan to swing by the Fantasm booth. We’d both very much like a chance to touch base with you and just hang out.

      I’m ever so glad the drama situation worked itself through. Sounds like smiling faces, shindigging (not to be confused by “shin digging” which is a rather painful surgical procedure), and shiny shiny costumed chickas are just what the doctor ordered.

      Hey, we’ll be hooked up to email over the course of the con and I know you have our contact info, but you can also swing by Rm 219 of the Hyatt (the media room) to try to catch us or leave a message for us.

      ‘Till Dragon*Con!

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