Taxes, belly dancing, and ANWR

Conflicting emotions leads to vast tracts of confused brain wrinklies.

Okay, first of all, we’re getting money back from taxes. Blink. Guess paying two mortgages for a lot of last year really helped us (not, btw, something I’d recommend even with the tasty tax refund ensuing). Hurray!

Next, I recently found out that I’m belly dancing for some heart/cardiac charity event on the 19th, but it’s not going to be my solo, Rohee, but rather the troupe number. But, get this, with only one other troupe member. It was staged for six dancers and in a week we need to have it ready as a duet. Furthermore, I didn’t think we had rehearsals scheduled for this week at all. Urk.

Finally: George W. wants to open up ANWR to oil drilling, prompted by Iraq’s recent 30-day “nope, you don’t get none.” Even though if they started drilling today, they wouldn’t get a drop of oil for a decade. Even though ANWR is a beautiful, pristine(ish) haven for caribou, polar bears, and other wildlife. Even though there’s not enough oil in the reserve to make a spot of difference in the economic/oil situation. Even though Iraq is only our 6th largest oil supplier. Even though I see squadrons of gas-glugging SUVs and mini-vans littering the roadways when smaller, more fuel-efficient cars exist. Splutter!

Argh. I’m conflicted. Am I happy? Trepidatious? Or livid? It’s really hard being all three at the same time, but I’m working on it.

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