The skinny on the job interview

So the job interview went well, but then it was just the recruiters making sure I wasn’t a psycho, and that I had the proper skillset. Check, not psycho, and definitely have the qualifications. I could’ve been in and out of there in ten minutes, except I kept asking questions about the position and stretched it out for another twenty.

Get this, the recruiter guy didn’t want to tell me the name of the company they intend to contract me to, citing things like confidentiality and client-recruiter business practices. Okay, fine, but it makes it hard for me to research information about a prospective employer. So I asked him a lot of questions like how large the company was, how long they’d been in business, where they were downtown, what their promotion system was like. And in the course of my grilling, I actually managed to trick the name of the company out of him, HAH.

Interland. As in the same Interland that screwed over arkhamrefugee when he worked for them. So, after chatting with the wondrous Badger Lord, I determine that I really don’t want this job.

The recruiters are supposed to call back today to set up an interview with me and Interland. I can’t refuse an offer of employment and still maintain my unemployment benefits, so I figure I’ll do what I never ever do at the interview, I’ll ask for more. I’ll ask them to document on paper the exact job responsibilities for the position, I’ll ask for a larger starting salary than their initial offer (which will still be significantly less than what I was making before), and I’ll ask for better hours. Might even ask them to throw in some free parking. If they give me all I ask for, then hell, I’ll take the job. But I’m betting they won’t want me.

So, NEXT career opportunity, please!

And hey, one excellent thing came out of this. arkhamrefugee is joining glenn5 and us tomorrow for our movie night.

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  1. chance88088 says:

    Get this, the recruiter guy didn’t want to tell me the name of the company they intend to contract me to, citing things like confidentiality and client-recruiter business practices.

    It’s standard practice, I think , at least until they present you as a candidate, so you can’t approach them directly and cut them out of their fee, which if you are hired permanent is probably significant.

  2. gardenwaltz says:

    ask for the moon! you can always look for better jobs from your new position of power (moohahaha).

    wish me some moon-luck as well, i’m applying for an internal position along with everyone else in my team :}.

  3. cricketshay says:

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. *sending out positive vibes*

  4. aimeempayne says:

    I’m glad the interview went well. Even if you don’t want the job, a bad interview can ding your confidence.

  5. dean13 says:

    Recruiters and headhunters can have all of the worst stereotyped qualities of used car salesmen. To make a living they are trying to sell you on a company and sell the company on you. But they are not all evil. A reasonable headhunter got me my current job.

    Your eyes are wide open. You perceive more than the usual desperate job seeker. And thanks to an extended community of friends, you have more information than the average job seeker. You have already avoid one dreadful job experience.

    Years ago, after a few months of unemployment, I lowered my standards and took a less than desirable job to keep food on the table. But I would have to be very desperate to go work for a known scumbag company.

    I wish you continued good luck with your job hunt.

    Uh… how long do unemployment benefits last?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yeah, I don’t think head hunters are evil, but I don’t think they necessarily have my best interests in mind either. I asked the recruiter guy whether they’d keep my resume on file if this possible position wasn’t a good match, and he said “definitely” so that’s reasonable at least.

      And unemployment goes for six months here. I’ve got a bit more time before we have to start making dents in our savings.

  6. grendel317 says:

    Yeah, I’ve known several people who worked at Interland, and they’ve all had horrible things to say about it. The hours were brutal and the job was not at all what they were originally told it would be in both cases.

    Just adding another data point. 🙂

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