Things that make me giggle and grin

My posts have been full of gloom and grump of late, so I wanted to make a post of airy lightness and fluffy skunks. And then my network card belly-uped, so I can no longer access the Internet on the computer upstairs, Hobkin sicked up his lunch, and HP still hasn’t shipped back my laptop.

*gurgle* Calmblueocean. Calmblueocean!

I could really use some humor. Fortunately, my flist/reading list is chock full of excellent writers, Hobkin, though ill is still undeniably cute, and the AP occasionally throws me a bone.

The bone(r): Dick Cheney Shoots Fellow Hunter. Yup. Our country’s esteemed VP went quail shooting and shot a lawyer. Nope, it’s not an Onion article. This is legit.

Okay, that giggle fix was unmitigated schadenfreude. Bad me. (*snerk*) For something completely different (and wholesome), skunk pictures:

Blah . . .


This is the sight that often greets me when I wake up in the morning.

And finally, patricia_kirby is a talented writer (with whom I’m sharing a ToC in Modern Magic). She provides a very helpful (and hilarious) primer on the nature of horses in fiction (heroic fantasy writers especially, take note): Horses For Dummies and Writers (. . . And Editors).


Writing Stuff

And as a continuation of this positive post (brought to you by the letter “G” and the number Pi), I discovered that Jason Sizemore nominated “Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me” for the Southeast Science Fiction Awards (SESFA) 2005 Best Short Fiction category.


Okay, back to my regularly scheduled grousing . . .

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35 Responses to Things that make me giggle and grin

  1. newroticgirl says:

    awwwwwwww!! *overcome by the cuteness of skunk tongue*

    so… how often do you sneak a skunk or two into your writing? 😉

  2. Good luck with the nomination for your story. And thanks for the reference to the Cheney fiasco. How could it have been an accident if the man walked up behind him?? Now what does our “esteemed” VP have against the Texas head of funeral parlors?

  3. jimhines says:

    Ooh – thanks for the horse primer link. I managed to avoid most of those, but I’ll need to fix at least one bit in my novel-in-progress. D’oh!

  4. puskunk says:

    Lazy skunk! We moved ours into the other room, they should get more sunlight and such now.

  5. Hobkin looks positively flattened in that first picture. Like a big pile of skunk pancakes.

  6. LOL! You got skunk raspberried! ;P

  7. Anonymous says:

    Skunky nose, skunky rug, skunky tongue.

    Crappy Monday, but all better after skunk-ta-cular pics.

    Pat Kirby

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Skunk therapy. Almost wish I could bottle it. Except after the “bonsai kitten” hoax, I don’t wanna give anyone any ideas. Hope your Tuesday is turning out better than your Monday!

  8. sewedel says:

    Our country’s esteemed VP went quail shooting and shot a lawyer.

    You know, I hadn’t thought about the incident in terms of Dick doing us a favor. If you’re gonna shoot someone, it really should be a lawyer.

    Cheer up! It could be your ass somebody is picking pellets from.

  9. microwench says:

    Hobkin is quite possibly THE cutest thing on the planet. The first shot looks like you poured him onto your floor…


  10. basletum says:

    So Dick sprayed a lawyer…with pellets.
    I feel sorry for the lawyer, and Dick probably feels like crap over it, but…
    Why do I get this feeling that jibJab’s preparing a cartoon over this as we speak?

    And Hobkin has personality to spare. He could be a movie star.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      And Hobkin has personality to spare. He could be a movie star.

      Well, he’s been immortalized in my fiction (several times). I don’t think he much cares about fame . . .

  11. kateyschultz says:

    hey. found you through cassiphone. looking for other writers out there. heard about the 100 words a day thing. i post the same content on LJ and Blogger. sounds like you’re setting up your blog similarly to how i’ve been doing it ( has an easily accessible description on the left hand side). i have trouble reading your page on my browser (same with drunken_boatman) so if i add you to my friends page i can read it better. seems like might enjoy reading your posts regularly…

  12. Eugie Foster says:

    Hobkin’s also fond of jabbing that cute-but-cold nose in my ear. There’s nothing quite like being woken up by a skunk nose . . .

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