Three cheers for an even keel

Catching up on both sleep and work this weekend. I think I may actually be caught up on Tangent stuff, and I’ve published the remaining Dragon*Con articles I had to the Daily Dragon website.

Fewer hamsters, hurray!

Now I can get back to pumping out ye olde fiction. And editing schtuff for The Town Drunk before britzkrieg shows up on my doorstep with spork in hand . . .


Writing Stuff

I just learned that I received three Honorable
Mentions in the 19th Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (edited
by Ellen Datlow, Gavin J. Grant, and Kelly Link) for “The Bunny of Vengeance and Bear of Death” (in Fantasy Magazine #1), “The Tiger Fortune Princess” (in Paradox #7), and “Returning My Sister’s Face” (in Realms of Fantasy Feb ’05). Squeeing and happy dancing to commenceth.

– Payment from the wonderful Cricket Magazine folks for “The Tax Collector’s Cow” (in June’s Spider). Shiny.
– 3-day lightning fast “no GUD” from GUD. Alas.

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21 Responses to Three cheers for an even keel

  1. dream_wind says:

    * Raises arms wearily in salute at three honourable mentions *

    That is really fantastic! Right now, I need to be in bed… just spent 3 hours tracking down some really obscure Latin verb cases and participles for this week’s homework, which is why I’m not joining in the happy dancing.

  2. ex_dotificu says:

    Congrats on the HM’s!! Very cool.

  3. britzkrieg says:

    If I show up on your doorstep with spork in hand, there will also be pudding.

    I greatly appeciate every single thing you do for TTD. I am eternally in your debt.

    And I certainly understand how debilitating Con Crud can be. *cough*

  4. lisamantchev says:

    Confetti for the HMs!!! 🙂

  5. yukinooruoni says:

    Congrats on the writing, Eugie!! 🙂

  6. dragonmyst says:

    sweet! Three mentions? That is so cool!

  7. keesa_renee says:

    :watches expired hamsters go sailing around the room: Yay!! begone, evil hamsters!!

    And a HUGE congratulations on the honorable mentions!! That’s AWESOME!!

  8. All good new, yea! Also, I checked out the DD and saw my lovingly edited last article. Thanks for making it better! I also liked all the writer stuff together. I’m browsing through reading the other articles and catching up on the panels I missed as per my note to the DC2k online group. Thanks again!

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