Three Letters to Wives, the dangers of a skunk pillow

Watched a strange B&W, soap opera-esque movie on AMC yesterday with Matthew. Think it was called something like Three Letters to Wives. It was about a woman (whom we never see on screen) sending a letter to three other women, informing them that she’s going to run away with one of their husbands that night, and the three wives fretting and worrying about this, complete with flashbacks as to how they got together with their respective husbands and their various and sundry marital complexities. It was enjoyable–better than watching the WB Superstar fiasco–but not a “must see” by any stretch.

I must have fallen asleep like a dead thing last night. Usually when Hobkin clambers up beside me, I wake up enough to tuck him in next to me under the covers. But last night, I was oblivious when he came looking for snuggles, and since he couldn’t get under the blanket with me, he curled up instead next to my head on my pillow. I woke up with a face full of warm fur at one point in the night, which is actually a rather pleasant experience as Hobkin is very soft and last night he smelled of celery. So I reached out to pull him closer and used him as a pillow.

However, there are trade-offs one makes when one opts to use a skunk as a pillow. One of which is resigned acceptance that one will inevitably be woken up by said skunk in the wee hours of the morning in a less-than-gentle manner. Hobkin decided at some ungodly hour that he was done being my headrest, but I had him pinned (hah! sweet, payback!) so he couldn’t get up. He decided to express his displeasure with this state of affairs via his teeth to my nose. Not my favorite way of being awoken, but indisputably effective.

Writing Stuff:

– My review of the Sci-Fiction story “Gliders Though They Be” by Carol Emshwiller is up at Tangent.
– Mailed off the signed contract for “Inside the Witch’s Oven” to Abyss & Apex. Meant to stick it in the mail yesterday, but I forgot.
– Got a note from Bev, the director of the new Young Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction lit. track at Dragon*Con asking if I’d like to be on one of her panels. I said yes, of course. Also mentioned that I’d be interested in being on her “Roots of Fantasy” panel which explores the origins of fantasy through folktales and fairy tales. Armed with prosewitch‘s thesis, I might actually be able to pretend to be informed on the topic.
– Critiqued britzkrieg‘s current offering up at It’s on its way if you haven’t received it yet, B!
– Part one of a three part novella is going up at Sci-Fiction this week. Still uncertain how my Tangent editor wants me to handle the review of it. Think I’d better fire him off a note to ask.

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8 Responses to Three Letters to Wives, the dangers of a skunk pillow

  1. I love reading about Hobkin! I laughed right out loud about the teeth to the nose, and then had to read your entry out to my husband when he asked what was so funny.

  2. I wish I have a skunk for a pillow. Hmmm…
    Seems like you’ve been watching movies a lot.
    That one is rather interesting. I’ll make a note of it. 😀

  3. I don’t know, Eugie, I couldn’t get past the the WB Superstar channel and ended up watching it. I’m torn between believing the whole thing is just a hoax and that these poor deluded souls think they can actually sing. Know I will watch it next week to see how they handle telling them the news (then shall wait to hear about the pending lawsuits for humiliation and emotional distress – if it’s not a hoax, that is).


  4. britzkrieg says:

    …he curled up instead next to my head on my pillow.

    My cat Visitor did this for a while after we took the foster kitten back in. I guess she needed to feel extra safe with that “SUV of a cat” hanging around.

    Thanks again for the crit! It’s really helpful to have a “regular” like you, Eugie.

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