Thursday stimulants

Today decided to decrease the number of chemicals thrashing through my system so I just had caffeine (double tall coffee) and sugar (pre-sweetened cereal) for breakfast. Result: continued twitchiness and an (increasingly annoying) under eye muscle tic. But also an absent headache until after lunch, at which point it reared its ugly face. And I returned to the miracle which is Sudafed.

Writing Stuff:

Heard from the Cricket people that “Razi and the Sunbird” has been slated for their Feb. 2005 issue. Hurray!

Wrote up my review for this week’s Sci-Fiction story and emailed it to my Tangent editor. He still hasn’t published the last several reviews I’ve done. I hope his workload lightens up soon.

The words were insistent. They wanted out. Did they care that I didn’t have a plot, theme, or much of a storyline? No, they wanted out. So I made a start on yet another story. Sigh. 700 words. Need to finish something, dammit. Why won’t my muse listen to reason? The willful doxy!

Beginning to have a major jones for a sale. Again. Been over a month since my last one. Still conspicuously under thirty pieces out to market. Need to stick more irons in the fire.

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