Top 10 Fun Droid Apps

Rounding out my series of Top 10 Droid apps, herein my Top 10 Fun/Entertainment Apps (in alphabetical order):

  1. Aldiko Book Reader: Read and download thousands of books, most for free, or import your own ePub files. Excellent and customizable navigation and viewing, including font color, margins, bookmarks, etc.
  2. Bubble: When I first reviewed my Droid, I said that I couldn’t find an app to enable me to use my Droid as a level. Silly me.
  3. Droid Comic Viewer: An image, comic, and manga viewer that can open CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, JPG, PNG, and BMP files and image folders.
  4. Listen: Podcast catcher. Searches, subscribes, downloads, and streams.
  5. Google Sky Map: Your own personal planetarium on your phone.
  6. MagicMarker: A touch-paint program for writing and drawing neon on a black background.
  7. Metal Detector: Yes, it turns your Droid into a metal detector. How cool is that?
  8. Torch and ColorFlashlight Fun Flashlight: Another two-fer. Torch turns the Droid’s LED camera flash into a flashlight and provides a widget for the home screen. Also has strobe and Morse code FX. ColorFlashlight Fun Flashlight turns the Droid’s screen into a flashlight. Again with various FX.
  9. Pandora: Personalized Internet radio goodness.
  10. Streaming television shows.

And some honorable mentions that didn’t make my Top 10 lists.

Essential Apps:

  • MyBookmarks and Bookmark Importer: Used both of these to import my Firefox bookmarks into my phone, first to the default browser and then via the default browser to Dolphin. The process wasn’t pretty, or exactly what I’d call efficient, but it worked.

Useful Apps:

  • Food Finder: Quick and easy way to find a nearby restaurant based on cuisine type.
  • GPS Status: Displays your GPS and sensor data, including the position and signal strength of satellites, your position, speed and acceleration, and bearing.
  • Twidroid: A solid Twitter client.
  • Voice Recorder: A voice recorder with widget option.

Fun Apps:

  • LED Scroller: Creates a scrolling LED marquee.
  • Moon Phase: Shows the current phase of the moon.
  • Phaser: OMG it’s a phaser simulator.
  • The Schwartz Unsheathed: OMG it’s a lightsaber simulator.
  • Text to Speech Toy: Speaks the text you enter. This was a close contender for Top 10, but the voice is a bit too robotic. Although, y’know, I may use this app this year at Dragon*Con if—as I always do—I lose my voice again.
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5 Responses to Top 10 Fun Droid Apps

  1. peadarog says:

    I really, really want one now 🙁
    Must… resist… swag…

  2. amandamagick says:

    wish I had a Droid or an Iphone…. but alas I have Tmobile so I will have to settle for a Mytouch instead next fall.

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