Toy for Solstice

OMG! Matthew got me a Droid for solstice! *squee!* Updating status on shiny new toy…

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  1. j_cheney says:

    Congrats! You must post about how you like it in a couple of weeks. I’m deciding between a Droid and an Iphone for the husband….so I’d like to hear how well it works ;o)

  2. It’s what I’m hoping to get for Christmas, but I’m with T-Mobile until forever. I would love to know how you like it, though. I may get one someday.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the dark side. I’ve been happy with mine, so far. I’ve used it for Google mail, chat and maps. Even visited a few other non-google sites. God bless the mobile friendly websites. May more websites learn the virtues and blessings of being mobile web browser compatible.

    The battery life is less than my old fashioned flip phone or my iPod touch, only 2 days. I was expecting that. I’ve corrected that by getting an external battery, for emergency charging. An device called Duracell Rechargeable Powerhouse.

    The next step in my Droid adventure is to get the development kit and play around with making some apps. Hmmm… maybe I can port that Maptool app over to the Android. I’m guessing that will be “just” a matter of GUI rework.

  4. Sounds like a shiny new toy! Have fun getting to know it better!

  5. Would a Druid not be more appropriate to a solstice?

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