Traffic Bad

Eugie Foster is irked by Atlanta traffic. GA 400 rush hour congestion gets more appalling with each passing year.

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  1. neo_prodigy says:

    Seeing as I used to live in Sandy Springs for three years, trust me when I say, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!

  2. Poor Eugie! We feed her chocolate and give her pettings to soothe her angry moods. 🙂

  3. adsistla says:

    uh oh…must be pretty bad if you’re talking about yourself in third person.

    hope it gets better.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hee! The third person was ’cause this post was generated from the app. which I post my Facebook/Twitter status updates in. Thought I’d see how letting it send them to my LJ, too, worked out. Still some kinks in the system…

  4. lingtm says:

    I think traffic is bad everywhere. I’ve never lived anywhere where traffic flowed well at all. If it’s not the roads, it’s too many people! Traffic sucks, rush hour or not!

    But then, if we had transporter technology, we’d just be standing in line waiting for our turn. So it’s not like that’s going to help us get anywhere faster.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I think traffic is bad everywhere.

      Yeah, I think that’s true for pretty much any big urban center. But before we moved here, we lived in mid-sized metropolitan areas where even the worst traffic couldn’t really compare to what we encounter routinely in Atlanta. I’ve had to totally change my travel time expectations. I remember when 15 minutes was sufficient to get me pretty much anywhere I needed to go—ah, the things I took for granted in my youth . Now I factor in half an hour at a minimum for short trips with an hour or longer for anything in-town, all due to traffic. Sigh.

  5. It sucked 20 years ago, so I can only imagine how bad it is now.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Worse. So very much worse. At least Atlanta is no longer inundated with a massive influx of new people moving here like it was for a while, but it still hasn’t managed to deal with the population explosion from recent years.

  6. bheansidhe says:

    I’m so grateful I take 400 north in the morning and south in the afternoon. The opposite lanes are always packed while I pass a decent pace.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Much envy. When we first moved here, I worked north of the Alpharetta/Johns Creek area (where we live), so I was in the same fortuitous situation you are, but now my job’s in the heart of the city. I only drive a few miles on 400 ’cause I take MARTA to work—I think I’d need a padded cell before too long if I had to drive in every day—but those few miles! Ugh.

      • j_hotlanta says:

        Have you ever considered catching the train at the Doraville station? The bad part there is you have to fight the traffic eastbound on Holcomb Bridge but then it’s a pretty short hop down Peachtree (or one of the back ways) to Doraville. I guess a lot would depend on what time you leave but I think the actual distance is about the same.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Huh. Y’know that had never occurred to me. The Doraville station is about 2.5 miles further from us than the North Springs one, but if the traffic is better, it’d be worth it in saved time. Might have to try that one of these mornings and see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestion!

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