Transmogrifying into something winged hurts

Pains in my arms nearing the unbearable point. Took today off from work. Going to drug myself silly and see if that helps.

Stupid wing stubs.

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  1. britzkrieg says:

    I’m sorry you hurt so much. 🙁

    What would it take to make you seriously consider surgery? Are there any major risks involved in that? I totally understand why you might hate the idea of going under the knife, but if it would give you relief…

    Feel better!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Ooof. Well, for starters, the surgery isn’t a guarantee of relief. Basically, what they’d be doing is removing the errant rib. It’s a fairly major procedure, and there’s a longish, reportedly painful recovery period. And what’s worse, some people have reported no relief (if the pressure on the thoracic nerve isn’t adequately relieved), or even an increase in symptoms. Scary.

      Also, I’ve discussed it with my doctors, and they are of the opinion that I’m not a good surgical candidate due to all of my other physical ailments.

      *grumble* Stupid body.

  2. oh garsh… *kicks the pain*

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