Troubadour and the Moon

Hurray! My excerpt of Troubadour and the Moon is finally up at the Eggplant Literary Productions’ Library.

I’ve heard that the editor/publisher of Eggplant is having some problems. I hope she manages to pull out of them and can keep Eggplant going strong. Eggplant has been a major player in the semi-pro scene for years now. And the way they treat writers and conduct business is way more professional than a lot of pro-paying markets out there.

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2 Responses to Troubadour and the Moon

  1. oracne says:

    Excellent! I must go and take a look. She bought an excerpt from me, too (much later on than yours), but I don’t know when it will appear.

    I hope she manages to pull out of her troubles, too.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I think the ELP library is such a cool idea. I hope it continues and I hope Raechel can keep doing the excellent work she does.

      I’ve been hearing of other small (and a few big) publishers having troubles across the board. It’s just not a good time for economic ventures of any sort. Yikes.

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