Waiting for the week to finally be over

Waiting for this week to be over. Waiting waiting waiting. Yesterday was not as suck-worthy as earlier days in the week, but there’s a false-lull-of-safety feeling to it. Not to mention the hammer-hanging-of-doom which I’m trying not to think overmuch about.

Been using Hobkin as a stuffed toy at night for comfort as he’s very soft, warm, and cuddly. This morning, when my alarm went off, I tried to get up without disturbing him. He stayed asleep in the blankets until I got out of the bathroom, and then he hopped down, groggy and sleepy, with his fur all mussed and chaotic. Morning fur. Absolutely adorable. Gave me a much-needed giggle.

Loved last night’s Angel episode. Angel as a grumpy muppet! And when he turned all fangy! *squee* How can they cancel that, I ask you?

Also, Matthew’s birthday present to me, the new Tanith Lee book Piratica came in the mail from amazon.uk. Will be engaged in desperately needed escapist reading over the weekend.

Finished the rewrite on the Urban Fantasy, packaged it up, and out it went. My writing ego has taken a walloping these last couple weeks. I could really use a juicy sale.

Also managed 800-words on the paranormal romance thingy. Finished chapter 1, starting in on chapter 2.

Still feel like crap. If yesterday had happened in just about any other week aside from this one, it would count as a pretty decent day. But, while I no longer feel like building a fort out of our couch cushions and hiding there until next year, this week is still bad.

Bad week. No biscuit.

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  1. Yes, that Angel episode was a classic. Nice to have a light episode every now and then (especially after what happened in the 100th episode.)

    I guess it’s good that I watch C.S.I. and Law & Order, because every other show I’ve been regularly watching this year has either been cancelled (Angel) or is “on the bubble” (Enterprise, Tru Calling).

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