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Haven’t had a chance to update my LJ in days and days and days what with having company and all. Paul and Nick are here. Hurray! Right now, the boys are asleep and Hobkin is having a snack, so I’m taking this moment to scribble down a quick “catch up” entry.

October is perfect hot tub weather. Just perfect. Matthew thought we were all going to overflow the tub, but somehow, we managed not to.

We went to see the Spooky Puppets Halloween Show II at the Center for Puppetry Arts last night. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but there was beer, wine, and baked goods, adult-themed puppets, and really cute lasses dressed in a red she-devil unitard and black vinyl bat girl ensemble, respectively. Alcohol and puppets and babes! Much fun was had by all. And there was even a short little haunted house walkthru beforehand. Thanks, glenn5 for letting me know about this.

But we forgot to tape Firefly last night. For the folks who saw it, was it any good?

The boys put on their XY geek hats and opened up the computer too. They installed a slave 80 GB hard drive and 128 MB of RAM. Our system is faster, bigger, and they didn’t kill it! Hurray! And the price for computer upgrades has really gone down . . .

We also went to see Lilo and Stitch at the local second run theater. My God it’s funny, and poignant, and sweet. I loved it! And so did the boys so it’s not just me being a girlie-girl. Hobkin’s Godmother has a young skunk that she got at about the same time we got Hobkin. She named hers “Stitch.” A more appropriate name doesn’t exist. If anyone wonders what having a pet skunk is like, think Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Coming home after the movie, I couldn’t help but check Hobkin’s sides for extra arms.

We have a lot of Halloween candy left over. We only had something like twenty kids come by. Where were they all? Oh well, more candy for us. I’ve been swinging on a sugar buzz for days. *twitch*

Matthew liked my bunny costume. Although every time I sat down, I ended up on my tail. There must be a trick to wearing round little bunny tails.

Happy (belated) Halloween, y’all!

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14 Responses to Week in review

  1. silicates says:

    It was pretty amusing…kind of a “Mal is all protective of Inara” thing. Also, we found out Kaylee’s full name (Kaywinnit Lee Frye) and Inara’s (Inara Serra) and someone else’s, but I forget who…

    Also, River got to be a smartass. And they filled up the cargo hold with cows. Next week seems to be some plot point based on the fact that they have to deliver these cows somewhere.

  2. terracinque says:

    Oh, I wish I’d known you were going last night! I would have come to say hi afterwards.

    Did you like my piece? It was the one with the mad scientist and the spider.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Doh! I even meant to fire you off a note beforehand. But Friday kinda snuck up on speedy feet and I forgot. Dangit.

      And YES I loved the scientist-spider piece. I giggled right out loud when the itty bitty baton/cane came down.

  3. Lilo and Stitch? Hmm, I’ve gotta check that one. I took my daughter once to see the Puffer Girls on a theatre once. It was really cute. I cried at the end of the movie. It was kinda embarrassing, coz why would I cry for a cartoon movie. My daughter asked me, “Were you crying mommy?” after the show. I had to lie and said, “There was something in my eye…” kinda thing. But then, I had to tell her the honest truth later, and said, “You’re right, honey, I cried….” Then, she said, “Me too, I almost cried…” hehehe… now, I didn’t feel stupid after all.

    But yeah, Lilo and Stitch….I should go and see this one and take my daughter to the theatre again. *hugs*

  4. melonaise says:

    I taped Firefly, but I don’t know if you care enough about seeing it to arrange a meeting.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I greatly appreciate the offer, but yah, it’s probably not worth setting up a pass off. Maybe the Sci-Fi channel will pick it up and show re-runs like they did with B5: Crusade and I’ll see it then . . .

  5. soyfaerie says:

    We also have a TON of Halloween candy left and aren’t sure what to do with it. But then again, the neighbor has 15 (grown) children and a TON of grandkids who I’m sure would enjoy it.

    I’m gonna watch Lilo and Stitch now that you said something about it. My mom’s friend used to have a pet skunk, too. I think they’re sooo cute! Where does he sleep at night? Does he have his own lil bed?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hobkin’s got his own little hidey-hole under a chest of drawers/hutch stuffed with blankets and soft towels in his area that he scampers off to when he feels the need to hide or glower at the world from a safe place. He sleeps there sometimes, but prefers sleeping with me on the couch, or in one of our laps.

      Definitely see Lilo and Stitch. It’s a real not-to-be-missed!

      • soyfaerie says:

        Awwwwwww!! I wanna see pics! Where do you get a pet skunk at anyway? I’ve never seen them in stores or in any breeder’s ads.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          There’s a slew of Hobkin baby pics on my Musta-lay-day Grove website. Nothing up-to-date ’cause I’ve been bad at prodding my husband to clear off a tape. And, of course, he’s been worse at actually clearing off a tape for me to use. Snarf. But I keep meaning to get something new up there.

          We got Hobkin in Iowa. Had to drive cross-country to pick him up from a specialty breeder. Skunks are fairly uncommon pets and the main big breeder is (unsurprisingly) a mill and a fur farm. We had to hunt extra hard to find an alternative–a smaller, reputable breeder. But definitely worth it.

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