Weekend in Review

Had quite a busy weekend. Saturday went to britzkrieg‘s birthday shindig where there was caffeine, wine, ice cream cake, and much excellent conversation in their beautiful, screened-in porch. Occasionally, their pride of five cats made the occasional celebrity appearance. Also had a chance to talk corsets with whirl_twirl, which is always a good thing.

So I stayed up late on Saturday. Did I sleep in on Sunday morning? Of course not. My stupid brain wanted to wake up when it always does and wouldn’t let me go back to sleep. Hence, there was profound grogginess on Sunday. I downed caffeine in a lifeline trickle to keep my head more-or-less on straight during the day.

Then was the Dragon*Con staff meeting where there was much hurraying over the new website developed by dire_epiphany and astralfire. Enthusiastic cheers to them both for updating the beast. Also, I learned the network specialist I had lined up for my staff got a real life job and moved to Houston, so he will no longer be able to work Dragon*Con. That left me down two staff going into the meeting. I was able to pick up a reporter, but no dedicated network specialist. I’ve got several people who are network-savvy who I can go to for help, but it would make me happier to have someone dedicated to the task on my staff. Also picked up a non-staff volunteer, one who had already purchased her badge but wants to help out gratis. Gotta love those. Overall, a successful and fun meeting. Much gabbing and catching up with excellent folks like arkhamrefugee, tk0667, fingerman, roget, and the aforementioned dire_ephiphany and astralfilre.

Also finished Seduced by Moonlight. The end picked up considerably, filled with court intrigue and other interesting plot thingies. But there’s a lot more of what I’d consider erotica in SbM than in some of Laurell K. Hamilton’s previous stuff. Not that that’s a bad thing, as she writes hot sex scenes, but it did leave me feeling like the book was more content low that her other works.

Hobkin was petulant at being left alone for so long this weekend, so I picked him up to cuddle after dinner yesterday and fell asleep with him on the couch.

Writing stuff:

Received a detailed rejection from Nathan at Scrybe Press but he’s interested in seeing more. I’m not surprised at this one. It was the third vampire story I’d sent them, and they’d bought the first two. But how many vampire stories is a single non-vampire-oriented market going to be gung-ho about? Still, a bummer. Now I have to figure out where to send the thing next. Markets that are receptive to traditional vampire stories are hardish to come by.

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10 Responses to Weekend in Review

  1. cmpriest says:

    speaking of DragonCon (and i have no way of knowing if you’ll know this or not, but you seem like a logical person to ask) …

    i sent in (e-mailed) my dCon packet o’ info on the 12th.
    it’s only been a couple of weeks, i know, and i’m not being impatient,
    i’m just curious to know about how long it should be before
    i get my confirmation/info on the site/whatever.

    i can’t remember how long it took last year.

  2. tk0667 says:

    I had a guy trying to get on tech yesterday that is a network specialist, he is supposed to email me i can send him your way as i dont really need anymore people.

  3. bpeace says:

    I spoke with Tricia and she said that she will do her very best to give me leave to work with your schedule.

  4. terracinque says:

    Am I in any way supposed to be attending those staff meetings?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Only if you want to. Pretty much the incentive to attend them is you get a free t-shirt if you’re at two of the three. Stray staffers who haven’t joined up with a department go there to hook up with directors, and directors go to pick up staff (and meet). But you’re not a stray, you’re mine, all mine . . . mwa ha ha haaaa!

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