Weekend synopsis

I was going to write this AM. My tea is brewing in its pot, and my writing area is all set up and ready to go. But while I was checking my email, Hobkin came wandering out from under the hutch, asked to be picked up, and is now crashed out on my lap. The most current version of the story I’m working on isn’t on the computer we do email at, so I’m stuck. Sigh. Ergo, I’m updating LJ instead. Maybe by the time I’m done with this entry I’ll have the heart to move him . . . probably not.

Friday: Groundpig Day
Anyone who knows us knows we don’t celebrate Valentines Day. Instead we do “Groundpig Day” (which is not at all the same thing as Groundhog Day). It’s a floating holiday, usually occurring around Februaryish. We decided it was Friday. Matthew made stuffed mushrooms and his delectable eggplant Parmesan. There was wine and cherry cobbler for dessert, with candlelight and soothing music, much soaking in the hot tub, and we watched Chicago. Very relaxing and tres romantique!

Saturday: All about the writing
Hit flow. A lot. Between doing research for the Japanese horror story I’m writing and actually putting words on the page, I think I wrote for nearly ten straight hours. 4000 new words. Getting near the climax of the story. Unsure if I’ll be able to keep it under 6K, but that’s what rewriting is all about.

Also made a last minute decision not to go to the Fantasm Staff thingy as I was too deep in the writing. Gotta court the muse when she visits.

When I finally had to stop writing ’cause the words were blurring on the screen, we watched Men in Black II and the remake of Bedazzled with Brendan Frasier. Light, amusing fare, nothing too deep.

Today: more writing
As soon as I can get unpinned from under Hobkin, I want to pick up the Japanese horror story where I left off. I’m thinking I might be able to bring it to zero draft by the end of today. Unless I get derailed, which happens all too frequently. But still, good weekend overall, regardless.

Okay, must awaken skunk. But . . . but, he’s just so cute! Dammit.

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8 Responses to Weekend synopsis

  1. Anyone who knows us knows we don’t celebrate Valentines Day.

    We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day either. But our church does, not as a couple, but instead a family night for everyone. We have games and such. I think Valentine is so commercialize, who says you have to love your spouse only for one day? Hmm.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I agree it’s terribly commercialized, which is why we skip it, but we liked the idea of having a “special” day for us to do romantic stuff too. Definitely wanted to avoid the whole Hallmark thing, though.

  2. dionycheaus says:


    that just makes an adorable picture: sleeping skunk on author’s lap. With lizards, you see, more often I have been occupied with trying to keep them from getting tangled in my hair whilst I put words on the page. But they are also adorable, nonetheless.

    Good luck with this new super-muse period…can’t wait to see how it comes out (on Critters).

    ~Becca (a new person).

  3. puskunk says:

    You should have been at the Fantasm Staff meeting, they did not mention your name when they mentioned guests on the Ink track, I was very upset and told as much.

  4. kittymel says:

    Groundpig day – sounds nice, may have get to create a holiday with me – I like that idea!

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