Wigs, Scarves, Hats, and the Lieutenant Ilia Look

So yesterday I had a consultation appointment with the Winship Cancer Institute boutique about a “cranial prosthesis” (i.e., wig). I tried on several models and have come to the conclusion I really don’t think I’m a wig person. I think I’ll be exploring other options–like chemo scarves and, of course, hats. I never thought I was a hat person before either, though. Maybe I’ll end up going with “bald.” After all, Persis Khambatta as Lieutenant Ilia in Star Trek looked pretty hot…

One thing the consultant did say that hadn’t quite registered before: it’ll be over a year before my hair comes back. Of course it won’t just magically return at the length it is now once chemo finishes. It’ll take time to grow back and all. For some reason, I just hadn’t thought it through. Urg.

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24 Responses to Wigs, Scarves, Hats, and the Lieutenant Ilia Look

  1. Rex Bennett says:

    Two words: skull tattoo.

  2. Pam says:

    Rock that bald head!

    Um, but they did mention you might also lose eyebrows and eyelashes? My friend did, anyway. Just thought I should mention. She went with tattoos for her eyebrows.

  3. Jeri Klein says:

    Channel your inner Lady Gaga. You’d look smashing in a hot pink wig. Go big or go home, right ? =)

  4. A “chemo scarf”? What, is it soaked in medicine?

  5. Dan Thompson says:

    FWIW, I always liked the Lt. Ilia look. While I’m usually a fan of long hair, I think the completely smooth scalp is a beautifully exotic thing that always catches my eye.

  6. I have one friend who wore a shocking pink, obviously fake wig, and another who often went without cover. I think you’ll look great whatever you decide.

  7. Eugie Foster says:

    Y’know, one of those head scarves that are archetypical of chemo patients.

  8. Jeri Klein says:

    there was this girl in college who always wore a bird on her head. She was aptly called the bird girl. I say pick your favorite animal and do that on days you’re feeling extra blue. Then smile and everyone. Matthew M. Foster can then film this and BAM! you’ll have an oscar winning documentary. Best. Acceptance. Speech. Ever

  9. You don’t have to choose just one. Bald one day, wig the next….

  10. Liam Fisher says:

    Just keep your head warm 🙂

  11. Rachel Helie says:

    Eugie, the best wigs are at African American beauty shops. Real hair. If not, I buzzed mine and the feeling is like nothing you can imagine. Roll those windows down 😉 I’m thinking of you often

  12. I have a bunch of hats and scarves from my mom. she made them for other patients while she was sick. if you have a color or style preference I can see what I have for you. She left them for us to continue her sharing.

  13. Teresa Bigbee says:

    I either went bald or used a bandana. I didn’t like the ‘chemo’ scarves or any of those head coverings. The only issue was that when I didn’t wear a scarf my head got cold ;). Figure out what’s best for you. And it may not take a year for your hair to start coming in. It depends on how long your treatment is and your personal difference. When mine grew back it was curly (I have very straight hair) but over time it went straight again. But it was fun having ringlets for a while. Personally, I think you’ll look great au natural …

  14. Eugie Foster says:

    Thanks, Andrew M Yeager. I’ll definitely keep you in mind.

  15. I went o Google Images and did a search on the term ‘chemo hat’ and was surprised at how many cool hats Google showed me.

  16. Anita Allen says:

    My friend kim makes adorable punk hair head bands.you want as stylish ‘wrap’ With a fall of any color hair coming out, she can hook you up..my friend Gretchen said her’s never fell out, just thinned. Was the most comfortable summer ever. And no matter what you chose to do, you’ll be beautiful!

  17. Brian Lux says:

    My daughter-in-law had cancer and lost her hair during treatment. She refused to have a wig, and wore colourful hats. Gutsty lass, and she has my admiration. Just remember your TRUE friends won’t give a damn what you look like.

  18. Lisa Rains says:

    Let me know what you choose,I would love to buy u a gift:)

  19. E Krock says:

    One heads-up on the bald look: it turns out that one of head hair’s useful functions is giving you a last-minute painless warning before you bump your skull against something hard. (I’ve experienced this many times while working on my house. Especially in the crawlspace.) So if you decide to go with the bald look, try to be more situationally aware or less clumsy than I am. I doubt you’ll be rewiring your home’s electrical system in the next 12 months anyway …

  20. Doug Hoffman says:

    Bald rawks. My wife went hats-only after her chemo. Getting your hair cut BEFORE it starts falling out is key — there’s just something (for many people) disturbing about having lots and lots of long hair fall out everywhere.

    All the best, Eugie!

  21. My aunt looked awesome in a turban, which I think few people would have thought of. I think she regretted having been born too late to be a flapper.

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