Wingstubs and Insomnia Make Eugie an Unhappy Girl

Having a bad wingstub flare-up, so bad that it’s making it difficult to sleep. It got bad enough that I took a Tramadol last night, which in the past has always been more than sufficient both to blunt the pain and KO me straight to sleepy-time land. In the past. This time, it barely made a dent in the pain, didn’t cure my insomnia, but did make me too foggy-headed to do anything useful or distracting, like read or write, so I was left lying in bed, going “ow ow ouchie, gee, I wish I could fall asleep, ow ouch ow” for several hours.

Not. A. Good. Night.

I haven’t taken Tramadol in quite a while as I usually consider it the Big Guns and haven’t felt the need for it. Now I’m wondering if my pills have expired. Didn’t think to examine the bottle last night, but I’ll be checking the date after I get home today.

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Writing Stuff

Completed the rewrite of “Rampion,” (tentatively) retitled “Rose Window, Black Door, White Tower.” Doing one more editing pass before foisting it upon fosteronfilm to first-reader.

It’s currently a whooping 15.2K words, which strikes me as being overlong, but I thought the same thing while doing the rewrite—with an eye towards doing some trimming and all—and instead managed to increase the word count. Hrmph.

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