Woohoo – 2 ELP sales!

Just sold “My Courtship by Lord Magus: A Diary” and “The Adventures of Trina, Hackersprite” to the Eggplant Literary Productions Library! Hurray!

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  1. skeletal504 says:

    how much do you generally make from these sales? hope it’s not rude to ask…just a question from a (hopefully) budding writer.


    • Eugie Foster says:

      Not rude at all!

      It varies greatly from market to market. I’ve received as much as $930+ for a story (paid at the rate of a quarter a word) to as little as $10 for a story (and a couple “shared royalties” anthologies of which I have yet to see a check for . . .).

      The ELP Library is a very unusual market in that they take snippets and excerpts of pieces, 300 words or less, and pay a flat rate of $10 per accepted work. So they’re not paying a lot, but on a per word ratio (a little over $.03/word), they’re pretty decent. And it’s not like I can market excerpts of unfinished/incomplete pieces anyplace else.

      There’s no way in hell I’d be able to make a living off my writing. But it’s a nice bit of side income.

      So it’s hard to make a “generally speaking” estimate. On a pure mean calculation, I guess I’m averaging around $150 a story, but that’s not really a good picture since that includes several very lucrative “pro” sales, and a couple yet-to-see-a-royalty-check anthology projects.

      • skeletal504 says:

        wow…thanks for the information. i really admire the fact that you’re a published author. i’d like to be there someday… and it really helps to see how people like you fit into the market, if that makes sense. i ought to check out some more of your work sometime. you’re a very talented lady.

  2. sdowens says:

    Congrats, Eugie

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