Writing and Hobkin pix

Cranked out 1000 words on the “new” story. Ratio of caffeine to words: 3 cups of coffee per 1000 words. At this rate, I’ll be hopelessly addicted by the time I finish anything else. I’m beginning to see why so many artists are drug addicts or drunkards.

AT&T finally fixed their FTP server problems and I was able to update my Hobkin pages. Here’s some new pix of him at ten weeks old:

Matthew and Hobkin napping on the couch:
Matthew and Hobkin asleep

Here . . .

he . . .


And a topless pic of me ;):

Although I am “wearing” a fur.
Matthew took it using “nightshot” lighting. Hence the green.

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8 Responses to Writing and Hobkin pix

  1. He … is … gorgeous!

    Do skunks do well with other pets? He’s such a sweet boy!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: He … is … gorgeous!

      He is such a sweetie! Although I think he’s entering his “terrible twos”.

      It depends on the skunk and the other pet(s) as to how well they co-exist. Skunks have hunting instincts and are scavengers and omnivores in the wild, so they’ll eat anything. As such, it’s not recomended to have them around snakes, lizards, and “pocket pets” without supervision. I’ve even heard of them killing and eating kittens.

      Then again, some of them don’t have any hunting instincts whatsoever and just want to play with every and anything. A lot of skunk owners keep dogs, cats, and/or ferrets, so it’s obviously doable. Just wanna be careful introducing new animals to each other, etc.

  2. mery_bast says:

    You’re so pretty! And your skunk is seriously way too cute for words…

  3. emuko says:

    Hobkin is soo adorable! *^^*

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